The game as a gift

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Approaching another holiday date, and you haven't picked up a gift for a child? Still can't decide which of the useful things to give, torn between desire to update your wardrobe, promote a hobby or to surprise a new electronic toy. But it may be worth it even for a moment, forget about material things and to please a daughter or son a real adventure?

Without exception, all children dream about it. They have their heroes and they want desperately to be like them. To solve crimes like Sherlock Holmes, to be a seaman like Jack Sparrow or to have super powers like so many comic book heroes.

And all they need for dreams — the game as a gift. And not a Board, or electronic, and the most that neither is true in our adventure Park and entertainment. To feel yourself a hero your child will not have to strain your eyes and hump back, destroying yet another computer guy. An epic battle can be arranged in the fresh air with appropriate decorations, this camouflage uniforms and appropriate, but safe weapons.

And believe me, children will love to save the hostages, the enemy to win trophies or to protect the President, hitting you with wit, enthusiasm And if the child is interested, for a while, to be reincarnated in this detective — in the Park there is an interesting children's programmes for young Rangers fans, or to solve tricky puzzles and difficult tasks.

Tents, hidden treasures to find the which will help not only left clues, but collective support of the team. After all, play with friends is much more interesting. And following the fantasies of a child, you can choose adventures on the water or in the forest, dog sledding trips, funny relay races and fun competitions.

Just do not think that such entertainment is just fun to play. They are no less useful than school, because model different situations, forcing in the course of the game, to learn, to make decisions quickly, develop the imagination and ingenuity, to work in a team, if you want to take on the responsibilities of a leader. And most importantly, physical activity in fun in the fresh air brings not only joy, but also tremendous health benefits. It's the new friends, good social adaptation, shared memories, and open new possibilities.

We invite everyone who wants to give their children this health Day, complete with exciting adventures. And no matter what the time of year. Child imagination only needed the space and your support.

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