How to choose construction fasteners independently

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Building, repair work, decorating the house does not happen without the participation of mounting systems. They are a must when securing the materials. The answer to the question, where to buy construction крепежргом-24.ги you can search the Internet. On this topic there there are many forums, blogs and different websites. But the choice of fasteners should be guided by the purpose of their application. The functionality of fasteners in the installation of different size and strength of structures. And starting from last is to choose the size and exposure of fasteners.

Types of fasteners
All products for fixing is conventionally divided into:
  • Split – those who are subject to disassembly. These include screws, bolts, screws. They can be used when assembling furniture, fixing walls to concrete or brick walls, as well as in Assembly work on the construction. To buy the bolts for these purposes, you should look for specialty stores online or to purchase products in the market.
  • All-in-one to disassemble without damaging the fastener is not possible. This group includes rivets, anchors, dowels.
Fastening systems are divided as to the metric that have a specific size threaded rod, and others – screws, anchors, screws. But regardless of specific differences, these two groups of tools can be used not only in industrial sphere but also in everyday life, in the repair of apartments, houses, plots. Often the mounting system used for decorations. So, for example, you can order nuts to realize their most ambitious ideas. Creativity does make the modern will be able to embellish the exterior of a suburban area.

Of new fasteners, you can highlight the riveting nut or in the past – an improved version Bonki. Unlike Bonki nut is no problem to log in to the painted surface due to aluminum or galvanized base. There is a manufacture of nuts of steel.

The anchors are though not new fasteners, but do an excellent job with its primary function for many years. They are made of metal and used to commit massive brick or monolith concrete structure.
Dowel – fastener element to be inserted into the wall, and then screw it in the screw. In the process of screwing the dowel extends, thereby to extend from the surface is not possible. You can buy plastic and metal dowels. It all depends on loads and design pressure.


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