Geodetic works in construction and land use planning

Sixty six million seven hundred twenty one thousand seven hundred fifty

Prior to any construction works required geodetic conclusion. A comprehensive study of land refers to engineering surveying and is performed with the use of cartography and typography. Such techniques used in the study of engineering buildings and constructions. Events are held in the company:
  • construction and renovation work;
  • in the operation of the building;
  • in the course of the improvement or planning of engineering communications.

It is especially important to order a survey at the initial stage of designing buildings of any complexity. This will help to make sure all calculations and ensure compliance at all stages of work.

The stages of development of stroitelstvoimoti starts with engineering surveys. Experts form the basis of the work area, conduct a survey and make a topographical map. Such events required to be made before the beginning of the project.

The approved project is:
  • preparing for the future breakdown of axes of buildings or structures;
  • the breakdown of the axes of the main and auxiliary type;
  • conversion of drawings on the working section;
  • planning of all works;
  • the markup for the Foundation.

After the laying of the Foundation construction engineers continue to monitor the main aspects of construction. Do as-built surveying of facades, work on every floor and take pictures of the floor slabs. Be sure to inspect the roof.

Before entering the building into operation is the final shot. With the help of photographic material engineers can follow the progress of the works and to identify any deviations from the standards.

Research land UCHASTKOVAJA executed by geodetic survey. In the process of land shall be established:
  • the size of the developed area;
  • defined boundaries;
  • specify contacts.

The main works on the site are considered to be the cadastral value. After examining these photographs of the cadastral plan drawn up or developed a map of the area. Geodetic photo allows you to transfer accurately the plan of the site with a paper on the area and determine the boundary. Compiled acts shall be signed by the owners of the neighbouring land, and entitle the owner of the territory to dispose of his property.

Industrial zone, construction of automobile and railway roads is also not without surveyors. These areas included the range of services offered by the company "Guild Engineering".


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