Service crate loads of different volumes

Forty two million seven hundred twelve thousand three hundred thirteen

Condition any type of transport is the securing of the cargo. The packaging should remain intact, and without damage. Observing such requirements, the logistics company shows their level of professionalism and reliability as a partner. Therefore, high quality shipping crate ensures safety of goods during delivery. This service is guaranteed to every client, please contact the company "Faith 1":
  • packaging;
  • strengthening the existing carton or box;
  • sealing the bags.

Subject to all the rules of transportation the possibility of damage is minimized.

Packing and additional armirovannykh cargo from any customer, employees of the shipping company "Faith 1" be sure to check the quality of the existing packaging. If necessary, offer options for further strengthening.

Fragile goods and electronics it is advisable to pack or further obreshetiny. To do this, the storekeepers use edged Board with a width of 10 cm and a thickness of workpieces 2.5 see If the load will need to collect the crate with the volume to 0.65 m3, the client will have to pay about 800 p. In the case of bulk cargoes will need to crate 1 m3. It will need to pay 1200r.

In the case of pallets to customers own shares the load with stretch wrap. Often this is not enough to the carrier company "Faith 1" to ensure the safety of the cargo during the transportation process. Therefore, customers are offered the following services:
  • strengthening of palletized goods by means of metal parts;
  • the use of narrow and thin steel band (strip) with a special locking system for better fixation of the Packed cargo.

On the same principle of work and non-standard shipments of goods weighing more than 60 kg. all products are in one bundle on pallets.

Separately use flexible plastic bags for shapeless cargo or bulk materials. For such packaging is also verified weight. And to avoid tipping content or stolen, specialists in each bag must be sealed.

Fragile ruzicasto provides the service of transportation of expensive and fragile goods with additional crate:
  • Windows and glass;
  • products costly and decorative materials (stone, glass, clay);
  • design of concrete.

Packaging of such goods is more expensive.



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