Effects of hurricane "Irma»

The strongest hurricane "Irma" category five storms in the Caribbean sea, leaving behind a destructive trail. The most affected is still the island of St Martin, pictures of which are collected in this post. The hurricane has not yet lost its force, at the time of writing this post he came to Florida.

Thirty nine million four hundred fifteen thousand five hundred ninety seven

Nineteen million three hundred seventy one thousand four hundred fifty eight

Fourteen million nine hundred fifty two thousand eight hundred forty

One million one hundred sixty eight thousand four hundred eighty six

Eighty five million five hundred ninety five thousand thirty two

Thirty two million six hundred thirty four thousand two hundred twenty eight

One million seven hundred forty one thousand nine hundred ninety two

Forty three million eight hundred seventy three thousand four hundred thirty

Ninety eight million two hundred thirty seven thousand one hundred five

Forty six million eight hundred forty three thousand eighty two

Eighty million eight hundred thirty seven thousand seventy one

Seventy seven million three hundred ninety three thousand one hundred forty three

Twenty six million five hundred thirty six thousand four hundred sixty one

Twenty seven million six hundred eighty thousand ninety nine

Forty eight million six hundred sixty four thousand six hundred fifty six

Thirty two million eight hundred sixty four thousand nine hundred eighty

Forty eight million four hundred four thousand eight hundred eighty two

Ninety four million eight hundred three thousand seven hundred seventy four

Fifty nine million fifteen thousand six hundred sixty four

Ninety one million three hundred thirty thousand eight hundred seventy nine

Seventy nine million five hundred forty five thousand three hundred twenty five

Fifty six million two hundred twenty four thousand three hundred thirty eight

Forty three million six hundred ten thousand one hundred sixteen

Ninety three million four hundred twenty five thousand eight hundred nineteen

Eighty seven million eight hundred ninety one thousand one hundred ninety seven

Twenty million six hundred thirty five thousand one hundred nineteen

Ninety million nine hundred ninety two thousand two hundred ninety three


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