How to choose the right inhaler for home use?

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To in diseases such as laryngitis or bronchitis the drug goes directly to the lesion, need a drug that is called a nebulizer. But sometimes its other name — the nebulizer. If you look at the catalog online-shops that sell medical equipment, then you can choose different inhalers. What to consider when buying?

The achievement of effective inhalation
Since we are talking about the home treatment method should not consider the equipment that is used in medical institutions. But to decide what all the same the inhaler is better to use at home, need to know what requirements apply to this unit. Only in this case will be able to achieve effective treatment.

If you breathe in the prepared solution, which consists of active medicinal substances, it is necessary to expect the following effect:
  • air must be supplied under pressure, and not under the influence of the breath of a person;
  • it is desirable that the jet was adjustable that will prevent reflex spasm;
  • as it is best absorbed by the body warm medicines, it is necessary to choose an inhaler that can use a heated substances;
  • the smaller will be sprayed to the particles, the faster they are absorbed in the body.
    Be aware that small drug particles are able to penetrate deeper into the respiratory tract.
Requirements nebuliseur the choice of inhaler you should first read the instructions. There needs to be a complete description, not only technical characteristics, but also how to use the device. It will be used in the home and consult on this issue may not be one.

The inhaler used in the home, must meet certain requirements.
  1. The security of the connection.
  2. The ease of use.
  3. The possibility of using different medicines.
  4. Compact, small size.
But you should pay attention to one nuance is the speed of flushing after use. Why is it so important?

The fact is that the inhaler can be used by all family members. In an epidemic of flu or another disease of this nature can hurt a few people in the family. So the procedure of treatment using the inhaler, they will need at the same time. Not to prepare the drug each separately? So it is important to care for this device was simple and convenient.


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