Frightening makeup of the elements of cooking

Dutch photographer Robert Harrison (Robert Harrison) together with chef Robbie Postma (Robbie Postma) has created an amazing series of "Menu". With the help of different elements cooking at the face of the chef suffered a grim seafood, spices, coffee beans, broken glasses and other things. Although the pictures look a little creepy, it is impossible not to admire.

Sixty two million six hundred forty eight

Twenty two million one hundred twenty one thousand four hundred eleven

Fifty four million eight hundred ten thousand two hundred forty

Seventy one million three hundred forty one thousand five hundred eighty seven

Fifty five million nine hundred seventeen thousand two hundred sixty nine

Ninety eight million nine hundred fifty five thousand four hundred two

Eighty four million three hundred twenty two thousand four hundred sixty three

Fifty million one hundred ninety seven thousand seven hundred seventy three

Thirty nine million nine hundred seventy six thousand four hundred twenty two

Eighteen million seven hundred ninety two thousand six hundred one

Fifty seven million six hundred twenty seven thousand two hundred ninety six

Ninety three million seven hundred forty five thousand nine hundred eighty nine

Ninety seven million six hundred forty three thousand seven hundred thirty six

Eighty five million one hundred fifty five thousand thirty one

Thirty four million six hundred sixty nine thousand fifteen


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