8 popular combinations of products that are actually harmful

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We all strive to choose not only tasty but also healthy food. Because it affects our health. But for some dishes it is possible to minimize, if it is wrong to combine the ingredients.

Site talk about 8 combinations of products that are not recommended to include in the diet. Read and remember that the most important rule is have fun. And a few recommendations for healthy eating we have prepared at the end of the article.

Cocoa + milk

In the composition of the cocoa there is a considerable amount of oxalic acid that blocks calcium absorption. In addition, paired with calcium this acid contributes to the formation of oxalate salts the excess of which is harmful to the kidneys. Of course, from a Cup of cocoa in a week nothing will happen, but to be zealous with this drink not worth it, especially when the tendency to kidney stones.

  • Council: Fats increase the absorption of oxalate, so the propensity to urolithiasis cook cocoa in skim milk.
Vegetable salad + dressing of lemon or vinegar

Many vitamins and other valuable substances (e.g., carotenoids) that are contained in vegetables and greens, for a good assimilation of the essential fats. Therefore tucking the salad, just lemon or vinegar dressing, we deprive ourselves of the lion's share of useful items.

  • Council: Those who do not like vegetable oil (although it is a storehouse of polyunsaturated fats that provides us with beauty and youth), should be added to salad and other foods rich in fats. For example, avocado, handful of nuts, or olives.
Pasta with cheese + tomatoes

The digestion of starchy carbohydrates found in pasta, begins in the mouth by the enzyme ptyalin, present in saliva. Tomatoes also contain acids (malic, oxalic, citric), even a small number of which destroys this enzyme, which inhibits the digestion of starch. Situation exacerbates the protein found in cheese.

  • Council: Optimal complement to pasta are non-acidic fresh or cooked vegetables, leafy greens (Basil, for example).
Eggs + bacon

Classic and loved by many the option of bacon and eggs contains a lot of animal protein that, from the point of view of scientists, does more harm than good. The absorption of these products of the body requires a lot of effort, so treat yourself to this dish at Breakfast, we take energy that we need in the morning.

  • Council: Replace the bacon with the tomatoes. The antioxidant selenium present in eggs is better absorbed in an acidic environment, which could provide him with the tomatoes. And the lycopene in tomatoes is part of the better shows its effect in Union with vitamin E from the yolk.
Bran + milk

Phytic acid in the bran that binds to calcium and magnesium from milk and forms insoluble compounds making these minerals unavailable to the body. In smaller quantities, but still there is this acid in wheat groats, oat flakes. So often you combine these foods with milk is not worth it, especially since milk is generally recommended to drink separately, an hour and a half after a meal.

  • Council: Before use, boil bran, because heat treatment destroys the phytic acid.
Porridge + orange juice

Porridge in combination with orange juice, especially in the morning, will bring the expected cheerfulness, and discomfort and heaviness in the stomach. The fact that under the action of the acids of orange juice, the activity of an enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates, falls sharply. For this reason, we do not recommend eating grains, along with other sour fruit or berries.

  • Council: Orange, and indeed any other fruit or berry juice it is better to drink after an hour after eating.
Pizza + soda

The combination of carbohydrates, proteins and starches from the body requires a lot of energy to digest. The sugar of soda inhibits the activity of the stomach, resulting in a feeling of heaviness after eating, bloating. On top of that sugar because of a crowded stomach can't get into the intestines where it is broken down into glucose. The combination of these factors, if we abuse the combination can cause stomach problems.

  • Council: Any products with a high sugar content is best consumed after an hour and a half after the meal.
White bread + jam, jam

Refined wheat flour combined with the sweet — a double dose of fast carbs, which provoke a sharp jump in sugar. In a very short time, it will provide a boost of energy, but is then followed by the decline of energy, mood. Another argument against this combination — fermentation in the gut, which will cause the Alliance of dough and sugar. Especially do not eat white wheat bread with jam or jam on an empty stomach.

  • Council: Substitute white whole grain bread, ideally one in which there is no yeast. Even better would be if the jam or the jam you smear on bread, the honey, as it causes fermentation and is generally a more useful product.
A few rules of healthy nutrition of Course, to live according to strict rules boring. And it is not always possible. But sometimes it is worth to follow some of the recommendations and the body will tell us thank you for it. And these rules at hand, we have collected some informative articles on the subject.

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  • And here you can read what actually made our food, and to draw the appropriate conclusions.
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