The first thing you will see in the picture, tell about your character

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Tests of the optical illusion where one image flows into another, incredibly popular. And not only among Internet users — such tests are used by psychologists. It is important to fix the image you saw first. Surely in a fraction of second you will see things differently.

The website offers you to take such a test. Do not take its results at the 100% seriously. This is not a ready answer to the question of who you are, but just food for thought about your "I".


Versions of interpretation:
  • Lion. Most likely, you love to watch in the very essence of things, not afraid to face your fears. You can be called a brave man.
  • An exotic bird. Perhaps you are somewhat frivolous, some things even careless. In this case, you are not alien to creative impulses and the desire to transform the world.

Versions of interpretation:
  • Duck. Probably, your life is subject to emotional impulses, you are prone to mood swings and prone to impulsive decision-making.
  • Rabbit. You are likely a lover to calculate everything in advance. Your life is subject to logic, although this does not mean that you are cold and unfeeling people.

Versions of interpretation:
  • 2 crocodile. Most likely, you like to keep the situation under control, to be master of the situation. If you are not a tyrant, but rather a caring head, head, leader.
  • Bird. You may not opposed to have led you, led you through the thorns of this life to the stars. This does not mean that you have no own opinion, just you are often inferior and are easy to compromise. That is why you are open and communicative.

Versions of interpretation:
  • The dog's face. Most likely, you started the image analysis standard — from left to right. This does not mean that you are an ordinary person, more stresses normal, the usual logic and a penchant for calm analysis of the reality. And most likely getting the eyes to edge, you saw the second image.
  • The paw and tail of a dog. If you analyze the image from right to left or immediately noticed its ambiguity, it is likely you love custom moves. This does not mean that you have no logic. Just you love a creative approach to solving any tasks.

Versions of interpretation:
  • Wolverine. Perhaps you are an ardent fan of Marvel. You do not feed bread — let me enjoy the charisma of Tony stark, the iron endurance of Captain America or a heavy look of Wolverine.
  • 2 Batman. Chances are you keen on DC with his dark gotesco aesthetics and super villains of the first magnitude. Well, from the Dark knight, of course.

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