2 facial features possessed by the most beautiful women in the world

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Perhaps beauty is one of the most subjective concepts. But scientists do not leave attempts to explain attraction from the point of view of science.

The website will tell you about an interesting study and charming women, or not comply with the established standards of beauty.

New Golden ratio

A team of scientists at the University of California has conducted 4 separate experiments to establish the ideal proportions of a female face. In the end, it was determined that the beauty of determine the only 2 criteria (shown in the picture).It follows from this that beautiful face do not its individual features and their combination, its structure and proportions.

These options have been called the new Golden section. However, new is not quite correct, as the face of beauty of the Renaissance Mona Lisa fully complies with these criteria.

Jessica Alba

The face of the American actress fully meets the parameters of the new Golden section. No wonder she has been repeatedly awarded the highest honors in honor of her beauty, but in the survey, which involved 8 million men, was considered the sexiest woman in the world.

Megan Fox

Another owner of a perfect face. The actress repeatedly occupied high positions in the lists of the most beautiful, but one year after Jessica Alba, she was recognized as the sexiest woman in the world.

Cheryl Cole

The face of British singer matched a 36/46. Not breaking tradition, she, like its predecessor on this list, was awarded the title of sexiest women in the world, but not one, but two years in a row!

Shania TWAIN

One of the most famous singers of country music, Shania TWAIN has the perfect face from the point of view of the new Golden section. Already 47 and then at 48 years old she was twice recognized as the most beautiful canadian singer.

Christy Turlington

One of the most successful models in the 80-90-ies has the ideal proportions of the face. Age Christy Turlington nearing 50, but her natural beauty prodoljaut to mention many reputable publications.

Elizabeth Hurley

British beauty actress departs in the normal range from the gold standard: the ratio of the distance between eyes to width of face is not 46, and 45 %. Natural data and work on them let Elizabeth Hurley swimwear advertise their brand even after the actress has crossed the 50-year milestone.

Florence Colgate

"Miss perfect" — so called this girl British scientists after they analyzed more than 8 thousand photos. The standards of the new Golden section confirms the title, because the settings of her face by only 2 % does not conform to the norm.

Angelina Jolie

Winner of two awards "Oscar" and the title "Most admired woman of the year", the actress won many prestigious titles for its stunning beauty. The parameters of the face of Angelina Jolie is very close to perfect and be 35 and 48 %.

Photos on the preview Ovidiu Oltean/behance

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