Gingerbread cake (without baking)!

Gingerbread chocolate - 500 g
Sour cream - 500 g
Powdered sugar - 100 g
Banana - 2 pcs
1. Gingerbread cut in half lengthwise, cut into circles bananas, sour cream mixed with sugar, nuts crumble not very finely. Vystelit bowl with cling film, the edges of the hanging.

2. Sliced ​​carrots dipped in sour cream and put on the bottom of the bowl, fill gaps debris stick.

3. The next layer to put a banana at him again, layer cakes, then again a layer of bananas, sprinkle with nuts.

4. The last put a layer of gingerbread. Layers may be greater depending on the size and shape of the ingredients. You can use other fruits, but those who have tried to do it, say with a banana better. Nuts can be put more on each layer or not to put all (to taste). With such a computation similar to the usual cakes, chocolate cakes with fragrant banana layer - no one will ever guess.

5. Humidity controlled by the amount of sour cream cake: want drier - Dip slices of carrot sparsely. If the carrot is densely covered with sour cream cake will turn out tender, almost like a "tiramisu" consistency.

6. There is another method of computation: gingerbread cut not along, and across into quarters, pour it all in the sour cream and mix, lay in a bowl or on a platter heaped immediately, sprinkling bananas and nuts.

7. To sustain in the refrigerator overnight, turn onto a plate, remove the film. Garnish with grated chocolate, cocoa or how you tell a fantasy.


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