Daughter of Jean-Claude van Damme has grown to become even tougher than his father

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Piercing eyes, charming smile and, of course, stunning twine. This lady is a real beauty with outstanding physical abilities, which is not surprising, because her father is the legendary actor and martial arts master Jean-Claude van Damme.

We at the Website decided to tell you about Bianca — the girl, despite his young age, has already achieved success in sports and cinema and became a worthy successor of the famous name.

Bianca van Varenberg (that is the real name of her father) had inherited from his sporty parents not only spectacular appearance, but also incredible flexibility. Therefore, despite its graceful and seemingly fragile piece, can easily perform cool jumps and tricks.

According to the girl, the love of sports from her childhood, but not to martial arts — she used them just hated, preferring to concentrate on skating.

Eventually Bianca started to show interest in martial arts and now cleverly repeats the stunt to his father. They often train together, and sometimes love and compete with each other in the gym. Daughter van Damme is an example, and it is his great pride.

"I want to show little girls and little boys that you can be physically strong, but stay feminine. What can elegantly sit legs crossed on the dining table, and then kick the offender's ass, pretty and feminine. Thanks to his father's martial arts became interested in my generation, and I want to continue his work".

Bianca Bree

Follow the path of his father, Bianca decided not only in sports, but in the movie. In 2012, she played a major role in the film "Intrusion". Today the girls are about 10 pictures where she performs as an actress, producer, writer and artist.


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