When my son started to fall out baby teeth, I knew he would be a businessman

Eighty four million five hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred fifty one

Recently my little six year old. Started to fall out baby teeth: one we have already lost, and the second on the way. Yesterday goes to sleep and says:

— That would have got the tooth. It should under the pillow to hide, then a fairy to me money it will bring.

You look like asleep. Went into the living room to watch TV. After about 15 minutes the room comes the son with a proud smile and tooth in hand:

— Mom, I pulled it myself! Now can it under the pillow!

Wait until he falls asleep, quietly took out a tooth, and in its place put money. The next morning son happy ran to the kitchen and yells:

— The tooth fairy! She left money! I today all the teeth will be pulled, so that the crisis can handle!

Little entrepreneur.

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