The effect of pressing erase wrinkles! Massage for the face from an osteopath Alexander Smirnov.

When you look in the mirror and see a face here and there appeared wrinkles, there is an involuntary desire to take and to delete them at one stroke the palm of your hand!

However, this is only a dream, time is still beyond our control. And after all it leaves marks on the smooth and smooth skin, noting the smiles and the sorrow of the mesh around the eyes and creases around the lips.

However, it's just excuses. To help yourself you can; it is not so difficult as you think. Want to know how? Shown below technique gives results after only three weeks, and time for its application takes no more than 5 minutes.

The author is a well — known osteopath and Alexander Smirnov. He talks about how to support youth with facial. Exercises will be very helpful as the lovely ladies over 50 and young girls.

If you follow these simple but very useful steps, you will improve blood circulation of facial muscles and brain, eliminate lymphatic stagnation. Could reduce the pathological pigmentation and acne problems, normalizes muscle tone and will help you maintain youth for many, many years.

Massage of face wrinkles at home условиях

Pay attention
  1. Before applying the technique to wash your hands and treat the skin with chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide.
  2. After exercise also requires treatment of the skin. On damaged or inflamed skin, large moles, warts massage can not be done.
  3. All techniques refer to the improvement and imply the absence of severe pathology requiring medical treatment.
  4. After the procedure, apply a nourishing cream for the face with light tapping motions.

How to perform a massage, look in the video.

If you regularly apply this technique improves color and shape of the face, relax the facial muscles and gradually wrinkles.

Try to start doing this massage and you will be surprised to the obtained result. Moreover, it is not difficult and the process itself will bring pleasure and relaxation. Do youth as a way of life!

Share this effective method with your girlfriends — they will love it!

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