All-Russian creative contest is an opportunity to reach their potential!

The portal sunlight invites students and teachers to test themselves in the creative writing contest. You will be able to assess their chances of future real test. To obtain the diploma, as the author of one of the best works. Creativity in the classroom and in professional activities is always welcome, so strive for the best peaks of their education and develop potential.

This exam will demonstrate knowledge and skills, and the ability to compose creative works. Every teacher and student who participate in the test should be General knowledge, language literacy, ability to analyze facts and many similar.

The main features that should be disclosed in the contest:
  • Mastery of the subject, which is described in the task. The ability to analyze her problems, which must be the maximum available is disclosed.
  • Compliance with the structure of the text.
  • The ability to properly build a story, to follow a logical line and style.
  • Originality Express their opinions and thoughts.
  • The possession of artistic expression.
  • Spelling.

The sunlight is different speed, so the test results of Your work will take place within two hours, and if everything is satisfied, you can order award document for the contractor. Participation in the contest is free, but diplomas are ordered only upon the payment of the registration fee.
All-Russian creative contest is a great opportunity to replenish the portfolio of a teacher. It is enough just to participate, and the document on a different level of qualification You have on e-mail. In addition, You can test your abilities within self completely for free, participating in testing and competitions on our website. It will be possible to objectively assess your knowledge and fill the gaps, if any. Also it will be a great training before the upcoming exams.

The portal sunlight enjoys a good reputation of effective resource among regular users. All of our competitions, test, the Olympics, created by a professional team of highly qualified teachers, in accordance with approved standards educational programs of the Russian Federation. The award documents have significant status and confirm the participation in international and all-Russian competitions, which apply not only in our country but also in the countries of the former CIS.

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