12 of the best books on effective management

In these books is the work of leaders around the world. They quote, discuss and recommend at the highest level. They contain best practices for global business, advanced knowledge, used by leading executives from the most effective companies. This is a Board book educated businessman.

Book 1."10 deadly sins of marketing",Philip Kotler, honorary Professor of the famous Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, USA

How to avoid common mistakes in trying to successfully sell your product? A recognized world authority in the field of modern marketing provides a comprehensive answer to this question. He identified 10 mistakes that make almost all the leaders. But forewarned is forearmed. The experience of other companies will save you from rash.

Book 2. "Time management by Brian Tracy. How to make time work for you". Brian Tracy, the head of Brian Tracy International company for human resources with subsidiaries in 31 countries, USA

How to get more? How to cope with the ever increasing amount of tasks? Recognized and respected worldwide expert on time management answers these and other questions. His valuable techniques you can use to organize the working time of your employees.

Book 3. "The leadership of Ernst & Young in the preparation of business plans",Brian Ford, J. Bornstein, Patrick Pruitt, leading experts Ernst & Young – one of the world's largest (enters into "big four") auditing firms, UK

The experienced staff at Ernst & Young describe in detail and analyze specific examples of all aspects of preparation of the business plan and methods of raising Finance, including in case of restructuring and bankruptcy; give practical tips that will help you to present the plan to decision makers.

Book 4. "Rules of profitable startups", Verne Harnish, founder of the world business organization EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization), USA (NONE)
Practices included in the ten major thinkers in small business (Fortune Small Business), has written a book for managers who want to start a new project, to create a new product, open a new unit. Where to start? How to present? How to write a business plan? How to get capital? How to create a brand? How to select employees? The author took inspiration from the experience of John D. Rockefeller, the founder of the great dynasty of billionaires.

Book 5. "Selection of the fittest. As a leader to make major decisions about people", Claudio fernández Araoz, partner and member of the steering Committee of the company Egon Zenhder International specializing in the recruitment of senior management personnel, USA
How to find and place the "right people at right position"? This where little is taught, and trial and error is expensive. So often, top managers delegate recruitment experts. But this is not the way. Key personnel of the Manager must choose himself. This skill can be trained. No other investment in your development will not yield such a high return.

Book 6. "I hear you through and through. Effective negotiating technique",mark Goulston, renowned Professor of psychiatry, USA

Like bumping into a brick wall, break through it and achieve the desired result: to answer, to be persuaded to do something or not to do? His unique method is one of the best psychiatrists of America created during the work with the negotiators the FBI and police in the USA. The author cited nine basic rules and twelve quick techniques that work in win-win negotiations that have proven FBI agents.

Book 7. "SPIN selling",Neil Rackham, founder of the consulting company Huthwaite Inc.

SPIN-selling is a technique meeting with a potential buyer, based on the large-scale study of the big sales, conducted by Huthwaite. Suffice it to say that half of the companies on the Fortune 500 list teaches on the program for their sellers.

Book 8. A "whole life. Key skills to achieve your goals", Les Hewitt, the head of the company The Power of Focus, Jack Canfield, CEO Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprise, mark Victor Hansen, the popular coach, is the author of many bestsellers, USA

How not to burn yourself out? How to set a goal to increase the chance to implement it twice? How to choose the most important and not get hung up on secondary? The book contains recipes, how to do it as efficiently as possible.

Book 9. "Effective Manager",Peter Drucker, American economist, publicist, one of the most influential management theorists of the twentieth century

What it means to be a successful leader? What skills should he have? Peter Drucker, classic management is convinced that the criterion of a successful leader is his ability to "be effective". Contrary to popular belief, Drucker says that effectiveness is not determined by the level of intelligence, innate talents and abilities. Effective leader differs in that it uses practical techniques that can and need to be trained. In his book "Effective Manager" Drucker defines and describes five practical elements of effective management activities that you need to know to achieve success.

Book 10. "Repositioning. Business in the era of competition, change and crisis", Jack trout, President of Trout & Partners, a marketing consulting firm with offices in 23 countries, USA

If you can't find a free niche, use the strategy of repositioning, says Jack trout. Its essence is simple: to convince people a new idea for a product, it is necessary to displace the old. Trout, for example, well-known companies tells how to do it. After the former myth will be overthrown, people will begin to actively look for something to fill the void. And here you are with your product or service.

Books 11, 12. "The structure of the fist" (in 2 volumes),Henry Mintzberg, Professor at leading business school INSEAD, Professor of management Michelskeho University in Montreal, Canada

How to create a structure of organization that will ensure its long and successful existence? How to delegate? What's the secret to effective distribution of duties? How to establish an effective system of control, while avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy? There is no question on the structure of the company, not considered in this book.published


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