No one will help you except yourself

What I want to write is, as always, my own experience and that of my family.

Every time, I'm sure people can help themselves only himself in this life. No doctors, no psychologists, no healers and clairvoyants are not able to help 100% and even 80%, but it is not particularly necessary. They would have with their lives to understand themselves problems in bulk.

Of course, the question here is not about acute conditions health when it comes to life and death. And I'm not saying a Pro, treating the body and soul, completely useless. Of course, they are useful and necessary to the world, BUT...





... who will deliver us from chronic diseases will return to the family of the husband (it is not clear how, but most importantly, be sure to return), will force children to be obedient, adequate and to study well, help the girl to get married and stuff like that.

It is a feature of our mentality, perhaps, as in the tale of Emelya the fool, who the furnace itself is all done or is it: "a Pot, not boil!"

I want to say here at once: a MAGIC PILL AND THERE NEVER WILL be!

Only you are responsible for your life and well-being, only you know yourself better than all the psychologists put together, only you will be able to heal themselves. How so? Will explain below.


Why not psychologists

Yes, those specialists are great and can support a person on some stages of his life, will help "clean up" in the head and to solve other specific problems. But don't rely solely on the assistance of a psychologist and believe that after you work with it your life will Shine with all colors of the rainbow. Psychologist - a person just like you. His opinion is subjective, almost always, whatever he claimed. Besides, many people know that psychologists solve their problems through the client's problems. Knowledge is also limited and is perceived as subjectively through the prism of their own worldview and beliefs. It's not bad and not good, it just is.

It is important to understand one thing: man is a complex system, a microcosm, this also included Karma, ancestral programs and their own actions in life, worldview, values, beliefs, etc. Which psychologist will be able to fit into all of this, having all the knowledge of the Universe directly, objectively and holistically to assess the situation and give the most magic pill? No.

Therefore, everything you say, try to filter through the prism of their own perception treat this knowledge with caution and try not to build them to the rank of indisputable postulates. Because there is always something hidden even from the "eye" a clairvoyant.




Try to develop a sensibility (intuition), sensitivity to the signs of the Universe, the flexibility of perception of information (nezakonchennoy), and try to think with your head, based on what you say in the consultations. All these qualities will help you to better know and understand yourself, to penetrate so deeply into yourself, as no one can of the experts.


Why not healers

Healing works in several cases:

1) people 100% believe in the positive outcome of the session.

2) the healer came in "his" client (long to explain here, as it involved a very subtle energy, generic and other processes);

3) the customer's problem easy solution and has a tail of unresolved tribal programs, psychological trauma, karmas of previous incarnations and this life.

How does the healing? A person comes for a magic pill that "I do not want to do, realize you do not want, just do it for me." The healer is doing, drawing resources from the Universe (often ogrebaet in this way, diseases and illnesses of loved ones). The man goes away, satisfied. Problem supposedly solved. She decided at some time, Yes.

But she was given to him. He had been unethical, bad, offended anyone, was blind, deaf and so on. And be kind to solve this problem ITSELF, otherwise the balance of the Universe will be broken and the problem will go back to the person in one way or another and will bale it on.

Healer just takes a little advance (loan) for a client in the Universe and/or treats on your energy reserve, which is not always right and ethical, but that's another topic of conversation.

Ideally you should go to a spiritual master (multiple even), you can read relevant books, rummage in itself, all folded up and then to understand exactly where the legs grow from problems and how to solve it. To UNDERSTAND, again, not to look for ready answers to their questions. They will not!

Same with hexes, curses. Black mage, as I know from communication with the Masters, can not bring anything new into your life. He "sees" already a problem in your karma, energy fields, and just "degrades" it to the extreme condition. Forms a Gordian knot of a little bundle in YOUR OWN KARMA. You know? Your ideal task: to figure out where they were (which lives) this little bundle, as he became more and more why he was untied and who "messed up" after its kind. Through understanding half the work will already be done, via the ADOPTION will be done a certain part, and then God knows how long will the remaining work, alas.


Why not clairvoyants and fortune-tellers

I really liked one phrase, says Seraphim of Sarov to Motovilov:

"Man is not to know your future (or ask fortune tellers what to do), otherwise it will not be something to punish and not to reward".

In fact, man was born into this world to live out THEIR lessons, to get bashed for that and for other, get some experience, to fulfill the mission, to rejoice, to cry, to be happy and unhappy, etc. — in General to LIVE a full life, not to exist. And that's it.


Which begs the result

It seems, from the article it is unclear what to do and where to go. Right, the issue is complex and each person has his own Path that he himself should choose and pave. HIMSELF! Do not look for a magic pill even in this article. It here either.

At your discretion remains: will you go to a psychologist, ten psychologists, will you go for trainings of personal growth, refer to healers, and so on...

One thing is important: in any of these situations, stay conscious, be present in the present moment and keep a sober mind (no matter how you're intimidated by some "experts"). Remember, you are unique complex microcosm, inside of which lies a whole living micro universe! And nobody, except you, not her to explore and resolve there problems, is too complex and thankless task for professionals at any level of professionalism. So gather information about your problem here-there, filtering, dispassionately, objectively better, try to think flexibly, to be able to hear from experts and the Universe what you want and what you need to hear (no matter how bitter may be the truth and it is bitter, trust me) and draw conclusions.

Draw conclusions and eventually, try to solve the problem themselves by appealing only if you feel that you cannot cope alone. Remember that if these people wish you good, wise, and ethical in relation to the Universe, they can only give you directions, and you have to go yourself.published

Author: Leah Shatush

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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