The wise the parable of the pencil

The kid looks like a grandmother writes a letter and asks:

— You write about what happened to us? Maybe you write about me?

Grandma stops writing, smiles and says to his grandson:

— You guessed it, I write about you.But more important than what I write and what I write. I would like you when I grow up, become like this pencil...


The kid looks at the pencil with curiosity, but did not notice anything special.

— It is exactly the same as all the pencils I have ever seen!

— All depends on how you look at things.This pencil has five qualities which are necessary for you if you want to live a life in harmony with the world.

First: you can be a genius, but should never forget about the existence of a Guiding Hand. We call that hand God.Always werei ourselves to His will.

Second: to write, I have to sharpen the pencil. This operation is a little painful for him, but then the pencil writes thinner. Therefore, learn to endure the pain, remembering that it ennobles you.

Third: if you use pencil you can always erase with a rubber band what you think is wrong. Remember that fix themselves — not always a bad thing. This is often the only way to stay on track.


Fourth: the pencil is not the value of the tree from which it is made and not its shape, but the graphite inside. So always think about what's happening inside you.

And finally, fifth: the pencil always leaves a trail. Similarly, you leave behind traces of their actions and therefore think about every step. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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