15 alarm signals of the body that cannot be ignored

A slight malaise, a lack of vitamins or a serious illness?Since ancient times, doctors pay more attention to the external manifestations of the disease. Some have reached such perfection that hardly saw the man and listened to his pulse, could tell him the whole story of the disease.

We do not suggest you to self-medicate, however, there are signals of the body, which was confirmed by physicians. If you are generally healthy, but has any of the following signs, you may be interested to know what they are connected:

1. Raised, tender eyelids

Thus, the body can "tell" about the kidney problems, especially if it is accompanied by a feeling of General weakness and cold, pale-looking skin.

2. Painful eye sensitivity to bright light

This may be “payback” for the abuse of alcohol and tobacco. It's time to stop! Sometimes it's a symptom of "hay fever" (hay fever – Allergy flowering plants), more often a sign of lack of vitamin A. In this case, should eat more cheese, carrots and tomatoes.

3. Change the color of the whites of the eyes, dark circles under the eyes

  • If you have reddened whites of the eyes, measure the pressure, it can be enhanced;
  • Yellowness, tells you about high content of bilirubin in the liver, and the violation of its enzymatic functions;
  • Dark circles under the eyes can signal the lack of sleep and General depletion of the body. And doctors recommend to examine the heart, as sometimes this darkening is a symptom of heart disease.
If, fortunately, your doctor has ruled out the possibility of diseases, then use a variety of effective methods of struggle with bruises and bags under the eyes. Among such remedies is hemorrhoid cream. Unexpectedly, right? But cosmetologists do not recommend to use it often: ointment, of course, greatly narrows the blood vessels, but the delicate skin around the eyes is no good.
They say that could help a massage — every morning for 5 minutes to slowly make circular movements around the eyes, ring fingers, slightly pressing down.

4. Chapped lips

If there were cracks in the corners of the mouth and lips, you feel muscle weakness, started losing hair and have problems with concentration, a clear sign of lack of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin).

To restore balance, you will help of eggs, dairy products, nuts, tomatoes, peaches, pears, soybeans and cauliflower.

5. White patches on the tongue

White patches is a frequent "companion" people who have a cold or starving. And if this redness of the edges of the tongue, the chances of gastritis.

Pale grey coating on the tongue may be the cause of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. But if this symptom is accompanied by swelling of the lips and dryness of the skin, it is likely that the body lacks iron.

Tip: drink less strong tea and coffee as they hinder the absorption of this precious element. And in the diet, include parsley, mushrooms, fish, liver and plenty of Apple and citrus.

6. Dry mouth

This is usually a reaction to stress and anxiety. If the dryness lasts for a long time, and you become irritable, your body needs vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid). It can be found in poultry, nuts, beef and wheat germ.

It should also be noted that the dry mouth sometimes occurs when inflammation of the salivary glands or initial stage of diabetes.

7. Breath

If there are banal reasons for this symptom, you should check the level of blood sugar. When "ammonia" smell, you need to examine the liver and kidneys, and the appearance of putrid smell to pay attention to chronic bronchitis.

8. Flaky skin

Often a skin peeling is the cause of the lack of vitamins A and B2. Pay attention to your menu. Good nutrition will bring you health and beauty. But if the peeling is accompanied by severe itching and inflammation, it is necessary to hurry to the dermatologist – there is a danger of fungal diseases.

9. Bluish spots

When such spots appear, even in low depression, might have problems with blood clotting or abnormal liver function. Accurate verdict possible after the laboratory analyses.

10. Swollen lymph nodes

That's the signal, talking about inflammatory processes in the body. And we can talk about how the common cold and a more complicated disease requiring medical examination.

11. Dark urine

One of the reasons is you are consuming insufficient fluid. But if this is accompanied by fever and weakness, possible diseases of the genitourinary system that correctly diagnoses only urologist.

12. Excessive sweating

You need to examine the thyroid gland. If you profusely sweat at night – this may indicate nervous exhaustion.

13. Slow healing of wounds

Most likely, in your body there is a shortage of zinc which you can easily make up to include in the menu, seafood and legumes.

14. The striations on the nails

One transverse groove can be formed if damaged growth area of the nail. And numerous striations indicate a vitamin deficiency or chronic stress.

If you have longitudinal grooves on the nail, very often it is a symptom of poor digestion. Long lost grooves "inform" you that you need to examine the pancreas.

15. Pimples and blackheads

Our skin is like a mirror, reflects the state of internal organs. Moreover, each organ has a specific area of the body:

  • if you have accumulated excess mucus and fluid in the lungs, there may be small reddish bumps on the cheeks;
  • if on the cheeks appeared pustules with white "heads", it may indicate problems in the intestines;
  • when ever there are red acne on my temples is a dysfunction of the liver and gallbladder;
  • frequent rash on forehead and scalp say about the stomach problems;
  • red acne on the chin and lower cheek area indicate a hormonal disruption in the area or urinary infections;
  • Rash on the shoulder blades and back along your spine can cause back problems, and pimples along the edges – the first symptom of muscular neuralgia.
But, of course, do not forget that slight malaise and lack of vitamins is one thing, but a serious illness requires professional inspection, quality tests and specific therapy. published


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