6 simple rules you need to know before you fly in an airplane with a child

When the family appears kid, many parents decide to forget about a vacation at least the next 3-4 years. It is usually considered that flights can become a real stress for the child and harm his fragile body.

We in the Website have figured out how to prevent this and to make the journey safe for the baby.

The problem: low humidity in the aircraft, dryness of the nasal mucosa.

Solution: you need to take the plane saline drops, which are presented at the pharmacy in a large variety, and occasionally drip into the nose.

Problem: differential pressure, spasm of the auditory tube, severe pain in the ear.

Solution: before boarding the plane parents need to drip him in the nose children's vasoconstrictive drops. Also during flight it is necessary to give the child to drink more often, or rather, swallow. Fit a simple water, but if you fly with a baby, use breastfeeding, formula or even a pacifier.

Problem: loud hum of turbines and the noise of the engine.

Solution: to minimize the audibility of these sounds, you should use a normal cotton swabs or earplugs.

Problem: motion sickness in children older than one year.

Solution: 30 minutes before boarding should my child take a special tool from motion sickness, and is also already on Board the plane can suck a slice of lemon and drink water in small SIPS.

Problem: the lack of special meals for children.

Solution: you need to see on the websites of carriers with a list of flights which provides baby food, and pre-order it. If no such service, you can take the containers with healthy food, nuts or fruit.

Problem: viruses and bacteria and the products of combustion in the air.

Solution: in order to prevent the child should take antiviral drugs. Effective oxolinic ointment, which you need to lubricate the nasal cavity.

If you follow these simple guidelines, the flight will be for your family not a painful test, but rather a pleasant adventure. If the baby is over 2 weeks, it can take the path and fly as you wish: 24 flights a year he takes quite comfortable.

Illustrator Natalya Navossyolova specifically for the Website

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