These 20 tips will help your gadgets work much longer

Noticed that the new phones sometimes stop working after just six months? It turns out that in most cases the blame is not the producers but by the owners themselves!

The website gives the reader useful tips that will help your smartphone or laptop to serve belief and truth not one year.

Charging the battery
  • Modern lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries have no memory effect, so they must be recharged whenever their energy drops to zero. Therefore, most manufacturers measure battery life not in months, but at full charge cycles, usually about 400-600 cycles.
  • To increase the battery life of the smartphone, it is often necessary to charge. The best option is to put the phone on charging when the battery indicator shows 10-20%. This will help you to extend the battery life.
  • Modern batteries do not deteriorate if left charging for a long time. But this does not mean that you should always keep the phone charged. Its battery will work much longer if you maintain the level of charge is within 40-80%.
  • Never charge your phone using non-original chargers and cables. Cheap chargers usually have built-in controllers, hence they are a threat to the battery of the smartphone.
  • Avoid "ultra-fast" chargers that ensure the battery is fully charged in less than an hour. They give a large current that causes harm to the battery of the smartphone.
  • Before charging remove your phone bulky external cases. They battery faster overheats and becomes unusable.
  • Every three months, discharge the battery to zero and then immediately charge it to a hundred percent. This will allow you to use the full capacity of the battery.
Temperature control
  • Do not place the notebook on a bed or your lap during use, this leads to overheating and thus failure of the battery.
  • All lithium-ion batteries can not withstand overheating. Therefore, do not use a laptop or smartphone in a very hot room or near a heating device.
  • Coming into a warm room from a cold, do not rush to use any gadget, it is better to give him time to warm up and adjust to ambient temperature.
  • Do not use the device at too low temperatures, and on the street wear it in a jacket pocket or in a special protective case. Compliance with this rule ensures that the battery of your phone won't act up.
Exposure to light
  • Try not to expose the screen of a tablet or a laptop exposed to direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure leads to fading of the display.
  • Try not too hard to press your finger to the display tablet or smartphone. Not only that, this will nasty stains, so also increases the load on the fragile glass.
  • Wipe the screen with special wipes and never use this tool for window cleaning. Substance contained therein, removes dirt with ordinary glass, damage the coating of the monitors.
  • Before you close the laptop, be sure to pay attention to the fact that the keyboard was not foreign objects. Small bulky items can easily damage the monitor.
The voltage drops in the mains
  • During thunderstorms be sure to unplug all electrical appliances, including computer and left to charge your laptop or smartphone. Network filters, of course, protect from small surges, but will not be able to resist the impact of lightning.
  • If your house is often a voltage, be sure to purchase an uninterruptible power supply. Then all your gadgets running on the network, will be in order during spikes of electricity.
Cleaning and removal of dust
  • At least once a month clean the ports of the smartphone with a toothpick with a wound on it a piece of lint-free cloth. Even if you wear it in case, you are not immune from dust and dirt inside the connectors of the phone.
  • Highlight a special space in your bag or backpack, where you will always carry your smartphone with you. It is important that there are not extraneous objects that could scratch the screen or case.
  • Try again in six months or a year to sort out the laptop or computer and clean them from dust. But if you noticed that your computer started to make noise or too hot, it means that it is time for unscheduled cleaning inside the system unit.



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