A 1000-strong electric car was cranked up to 350 km/h

The Lucid Air electric vehicle created by a former chief engineer of Tesla Motors, was officially introduced at the end of 2016. Novelty was the battery capacity of 100 or 130 kWh ("Tesla" — from 60 to 100 kWh), therefore, the passport, the power reserve can be up to 643 km and Two electric motors, one for each axis, total power 1000 HP liftback acceleration to 97 km/h in just 2.5 s.

Video of the latest test, which took place at the site of the TRC in Ohio, the car was able to accelerate to 350 km/h. the company notes that Air could go even faster, but tripped on the speed limiter.

Thirty million one hundred fifty thousand six hundred forty nine

And this is not a concept car, and almost ready for serial production electric car — the car was exhibited on the stand of Lucid at the auto show in new York. Lucid Air had three large screens, one of which, like "Tesla", replaces the familiar Central console. The interior is trimmed with leather, wood and Alcantara.

Eighty three million one hundred seventy thousand forty three

It is expected that the market Lucid Air will arrive in 2018 and will cost cheaper "Tesla" — the starting price will be $52 500. But there is a caveat — this Lucid Air will be equipped with 400-horsepower motor. But the price tag for the top model (1000 HP) will be in the region of 100 thousand American dollars. published  


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