10 ways to define your character by the shape of the lips

In determining the nature of the human scientists-physiognomists believe the lips are one of the most important features. After all, we verbally Express their thoughts, thus revealing a warehouse of the character and peculiarities of the psyche.

The website offers to look closely at the lips (not just his), and to check how accurately they reflect the personality of the owner.

Large and plump lips

People with this form of lips is just made to care about someone. If this is your type, then perhaps as a child you were often fed stray kittens, helped with the shelter and want each pet to take home. You have strong maternal instinct to protect and defend others. And in any stressful situation, think first about others and then about ourselves. Such people tend to become the most loving and responsible parents.

Upper lip more than the lower

The holder of such lip — man drama. Emotional, bright, charismatic and cheerful. With high self-esteem and the ability to locate people to himself. Admit it, you just love to be the center of attention. The most striking phrase, and the funniest joke in the company always your authorship. You are a real actor, which can cope with any image.

Lower lip larger than the upper

Let's be honest: you're just not cut out for office work. And how can you sit on the priest exactly, when there are so many interesting things! The holders of such lips know what real fun is. You vital energy, new friends, new places and impressions. Inquisitive, sociable and open to everything new. You are the one who leads the people towards new adventures.

Normal lips

The usual form of lip occurs in people balanced, with common approach to solving tasks of any complexity. Your Forte is the ability to listen and hear others. Easily accept criticism and respect the opinions of others. To rile you up is almost impossible. But despite the iron steadfastness, love to laugh and joke, and the glass is always half full.


People with thin lips are usually loners. Just because they like. Self-sufficient and can cope with any business. If you have thin lips, you really don't need an escort to go to the Museum or go on a distant island. But despite the love for solitude, in the company of you are quite comfortable. You will quickly find a common language with people, and others understand and appreciate first and foremost by their actions.

Upper lip with a sharp hollow

Creative nature, the Creator to the fingertips. Of these people take a great artists and musicians. Well you remember faces, names, have contact with all the friends and always up to date with all the latest events. You are outgoing, eager to Express themselves in all forms and almost always achieve the highest results.

Upper lip with rounded hollow

Man you are a compassionate, sensitive and kind. Any trouble take to heart and will always find time to help others. To help in hospitals, shelters and care for nature is your calling. It is on such people and keeps our world.

Upper lip without hollows

The most responsible and reliable people on the planet. "To hurt himself, but to do" — that's your motto. You don't know the word "impossible" and the deadline you are not scary. Everything will be done accurately and on time. Family and friends know that you can rely on in any situation. You're the kind of person who can just come and solve all problems at once.

A small plump lips (puppet)

People with this form of the lips Flirty and inviting. The main priority for them — their own comfort. After all, if himself does not care, then no one will. When meeting such people seem selfish, but it's not. They are compassionate, loyal friends and of those who are always ready to help in difficult times. They never put their own interests above others and do not go over the heads. But to its detriment, too, will not do anything. It is because of such principles is always it feels so good.

The upper lip is very thin

Holders of such lips has outstanding leadership qualitiesseems to be in their veins a fire, not blood.And that's it. Persuasive and know how to insist on. And life energy literally shoots out of them is key. Success is guaranteed, for whatever they undertook. However, they can be difficult to build a loving relationship, after all, their main principle — to be someone, not with someone.

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