Every 8 minutes in the world a child is injured from nursery products

Cots, high chairs and other products much easier to care for a child, and sometimes without such devices and does not do. But a wrong selection or use of any such object becomes a vehicle of increased danger. Thus, according to one study, every 8 minute 1 child is injured, the cause of which is a children's product.

The website will tell you about the rules that will help to select quality products for children and is safe to use them.


How to choose:

  • In gaps greater than 0.2 cm between the walls of the crib and the mattress can get stuck baby fingers. Recommended height of the walls will eliminate the possibility that the child will get out of the crib.
  • If the distance between the slats is less than the specified figure, they might have stuck an arm or leg of the child; if more — the kid may try to stick between the slats in the head.
Rules for safe use:

  • The cot should be away from heaters, curtains, cables. Do not hang above the bed of the child, paintings, mirrors.
  • In the crib should not be items that can be used as a support for climbing. Also, it should not be soft toys, linen with ruffles.
  • Regularly check the tightness of all nuts and bolts, fixation of the bottom of the crib, the mounting of the slats.
Changing table

How to choose:

  • Sides and a depression in the surface for a changing Mat will prevent the falling baby from the table.
  • The drawers and shelves with diapers, clothes, children's cosmetics will not be distracted during diaper changing.
Rules for safe use:

  • During diaper changing, always keep one hand on his body.
  • Never leave the child unattended on the changing table.

How to choose:

  • If the design of the chair does not provide the belts, buy them separately. The retention mechanism should be as simple as possible: the more complex, the less you will use.
  • Products with a frame made of metal or wood are more stable than models made of plastic.
  • With tray without side baby food may fall, and the child reaches for it.
Rules for safe use:

  • Place the chair away from Windows, stoves and other sources of danger.
  • Always secure the child with a belt at least two areas (waist and legs).
  • Regularly check the condition of seat belts.
  • Do not allow your child to stand up on a chair.

Many Association child safety recommended to use a Walker in very rare cases or to abandon them altogether — because of the high risk of injury they pose to children.

How to choose:

  • Comfortable grip on the Walker is needed in order that baby could grab at any time to prevent a fall.

  • If the size of the product will be less the doorway, the child will be able to get into a potentially dangerous zone for him the apartment (kitchen for example).

Rules for safe use:

  • Do not use a Walker in the kitchen and in rooms with fireplaces or other heating devices of the open type.
  • Check to avoid dangerous objects, which a child can walk or reach out on walkers (tanks with hot water, electrical appliances, sharp objects).
  • Use walkers only in areas with flat and smooth flooring.

How to choose:

  • Holes in the mesh should be small so that they are unable to stuck button or other piece of clothing. The playpens with slats the distance between them should not be more than 6 cm.
  • Upholstery fabric on the sides should be tight, that the child could not bite it and taste.
Rules for safe use:

  • Never leave baby in a mesh playpen with one tilted wall. Even if the child is not in the arena, and next, do not leave the device down the walls, always keep it assembled or disassembled.
  • Always keep the playpen cushions, large toys.
  • Never use a mesh playpen, which damaged the integrity of the grid.
Wicket security

How to choose:

  • Models with a rhomboid or V-shaped bars is banned in many countries because they can get stuck the baby's head.
  • The posts that are attached directly to the wall, more stable.
  • Between the floor and bottom construction lines should not be placed baby arm or leg.
Rules for safe use:

  • Do not use the exit gate after the child reaches two years of age.
  • Never self-repair the security gate. In case of damage buy a new one or contact professionals for repair.

How to choose:

  • If the stroller 5-point harness, buy it separately.
  • The locking mechanism prevents unintended folding of the stroller.
  • Stroller for children up to the age of 6 months should have a backrest that reclines at an angle of more than 135 degrees to the bottom of the seat.
  • Basket (or pocket) for packages that are positioned as shown, holds the balance of the stroller.
  • The wheel above the waist makes the stroller very uncomfortable.
Rules for safe use:

  • Never overload the stroller shopping, don't hang bags on the handle.
  • Regularly check the product for stability: when you press on the front handle of the stroller should resist tipping backward.
  • Regularly check functionality of the brakes on a smooth and sloping surface.
  • When folding and unfolding stroller the child should not be around.
Illustrator Ekaterina Gapanovich specifically for the Website
Materials European Child Safety Alliance, KidsHealth

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