15 reasons why rich people are not so carefree as it seems

Eighteen million two hundred seventy six thousand three hundred sixty

If you think that the lives of wealthy citizens cloudless, then you're not faced with their specific problems. Believe me, the owners of their own fleets and oil rigs also have hard times.

The website found 15 awkward situations that regularly get rich.

Wealth and popularity can become a big problem. Good that someone came up with the scarf of invisibility from prying paparazzi

While you buy food beloved cat, rich people looking for an aquarium for his beloved sharks (or two)

You complain about tangled headphones, but great tools do even greater problems

They can't decide what car they like more, and as a result buying everything from

And then long to choose what watch to wear the color of the car. Well, or Vice versa

Here only it does not increase their chances of winning

And about the trip for groceries-forget

Weather, and that puts a spoke in the wheel

And it is very difficult to choose a suitable place for housing

Not to mention the fact that every detail in the house need to constantly monitor, and it's so tiring

Unfair to blame the wealthy laziness. They are much harder to do the cleaning, because the gloves are constantly torn

Of course, with all the cleaning, one person can not cope. So we have to invite professionals to launder every pebble

After that, the rich are so tired that they have to sleep in a sound-proof massage bed

But how to relax them is not possible. Well, as it is possible to play cards?

Sometimes you just want to get on a plane and escape from all problems, but they do not let go and in the air

You still want to be a millionaire, right? Richard Branson revealed his secret: "Start as a billionaire and buy an airline".

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