What to do if your child is slow

Rush slow — a more expensive

The more you pull, the more he hardens, "rust" gets stuck. But to learn not to rush, living in a huge pace, arranging an endless race, it is also quite hard.

But the question is not only how to learn not to rush someone who is slowing down, but what to do with those who have accelerated? With those who from the stress of the race, the pace was so fast that he himself uncomfortable. The fact that people who are prone to acceleration, tend to increase the rate of activity in a state of haste become aggressive. Their aggression will be vented to the outside. Fast, effective, productive people in a state of haste are beginning to "chomp" neighbors, "to eat", "bite", often unbeknownst to themselves. It is very difficult to carry.

They themselves, while "bite" do not notice.They think that everything is fine, just too slow, and they need certainly to hurry. And "pogruzhenie", potoraplivaya it seems a good way. What happens?A quick "nibbles" slow — slow "petrifies".

So, if we can stop it? Is it possible some small finds, "bead" of good out of difficult situations?

For slow is extremely important to have sufficient time. It is very difficult to do in the rhythms of a big city. This is what we will learn on the second and third activity to do is to lay a real and long intervals for slow types of people. You need to try to not just leave enough time for your slow family member, and another one and a half times more.

At the time I really liked the verb that I heard from one of his listeners. She just talked about the domestic situation, saying, "And then we begin to collect Vanya". And in this "collect Game" I heard such a calm, lengthy, stretched out to a comfortable child's condition. Not this: "we Have ten minutes to leave," and we calculate the time taking into account individual characteristics of the child.

But fast long been gathered, all prepared, three times around went, and slow, everything slows down.And here's a good way for a quick man, if he has to be in conjunction with slow to invent a small business, technical, small, you are going to do while your slow family member will be collected.

Fast often going faster and instead calm down, relax, exhale, begin to pull and slow to hurry, why he gets stuck. It is very important at this point to account for its rapid typology, given the fact that there is a difference of indicators that you will do everything faster, and then have to drop the pace.

If you can't do it yet, not learned, it is necessary to invent cases which you will take the time, while slow to catch up. It is important to remember at this point that he didn't mean that he didn't mean that this speed can not be increased right now in manual mode, but if you will increase it, slow even more stuck. And no good to anyone will not do. It is all very well understood theoretically, but in the course of everyday life there is a lot situations when it turns out that it is quite difficult to consider.

The people of these different types to understand different words. For example, those who fast, immediately understand words like "I understand how hard for you", "I understand how you're tired", "Calm down, everything will be fine, not your fault that things are not going as fast as you would like". Est people fast type well react to the words that their guilt and responsibility is not here. That nobody — and first of all they are not to blame for the fact that not everything goes according to plan.

People of a slow type it is very important to hear other words that in their haste it is very difficult to give people quick. It is important for them to hear: "I'm with you", "you're all right," "it'll be fine", "there's still Time", "Nothing will happen, even if we're late".

The words are very different, but there are some similarities: both that, and another type needs the confirmation that everything is fine, the confirmation that there is no guilt, no responsibility and that all is well. You are loved, you do not reject your pace. published


Author: Ekaterina Burmistrova

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