2 CampStove: camp stove, which can charge gadgets

Without all sorts of gadgets, many people afraid to go out. In fact, as you can spend an hour without your beloved smartphone? And that much to say about the campaign, hunting or fishing? Despite the fact that it is rest that is used for relaxation from the chaos of everyday life and work, many of us and there take with him at least a phone.

But here's the problem. Not everywhere and not always possible to find a source of electricity. Let's say you went into the woods with a tent. Got the battery of the phone and need to make an urgent call. Maybe a spare battery or poverbank successfully forgotten at home or something happened to it. What to do in this case? The company proposes to use the BioLite camping stove-charging CampStove, and for the second version. With the help of this interesting device it is possible and to cook food (fish out there to fry) and a phone outlet.


It would seem strange this combination. A stove and a charger — isn't that ridiculous? Not at all. The fact that safe portable stove that burns regular wood, built-in thermoelectric generator. For user convenience there is also a fan supplying oxygen to the fire. As a result, the fire burns better and produces energy.

It is applied to the integrated USB port, which can charge already anything.

The company improved the features of the second version of the furnace, raising the total capacity to 3 Watts. The developers have added more and built-in battery with a volume of 2600 mAh. If you charge nothing, the battery stores energy, which can be used later. In order to make your device even more interesting, the company added the LEDs. They show the flame temperature, speed of fan and the total charge built-in battery.

Regarding the latter, it may cost more to make and volumetric restrictions here. But the producers didn't want to make your device massive. His weight has remained the same — 935 grams. In the campaign, it is clear that every gram counts, so without extended battery it was decided to manage.

The cost of the device is from the manufacturer about $130. In General, this is slightly more different kinds of stoves and camp ovens for professional travelers. published


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