Time triggers

D. the case of SV. Patrick was subjected to a lesson of Irish dancing and was impressed. On this occasion, to Azamat decided to expand his horizons and see more of his and other dances of the world.

Here, I thought, a good excuse to stick a spoonful of cultural development and at the same time love to the roots, and found the movie of the Alexandrov ensemble. Interesting to me was the further reaction of all those present. Danilovich impressed from acrobatics and started to repeat. Tessa said that beautiful costume, and she also wants the next “international day” at school. My husband and I barely restrained hostility and positively eyes. Why?

Ninety five million nine thousand two hundred thirty three

If to judge objectively, the dances themselves are bright and exciting, the setting is beautiful, and for any third party person will be on a par with belly dance, dance, Argentine tango, flamenco or Irish step.

Why they evoke interest and admiration, and Russian variant – the feeling of splint?

Once my dad taught me to interpret dreams. He said that the brain puts our emotions along with the events as if in one archival folder.

And in the folder of “fear” we have is the episode as we later that night went down the street and we were stuck drunk aggressive company.

Still there is the matter of 5 class “B”, where we said the wrong thing at the blackboard and the teacher ridiculed in front of the class. Yet there is an article, read during hormonal demolition of the pregnancy, about stolen and murdered child. And a trip to Germany when we stole the wallet with documents and this is the moment when we realized it. And much more.

Dream is a way of the brain to give us experience those feelings that we ourselves persistently prohibited. Therefore, before important difficult decision we suddenly dream, a dream that has lost a child. Not because the child is lost. But because we persuade ourselves that there is nothing to fear. And while we sleep, the brain is afraid of. And living it, looking through the old archive folders, selecting pictures that we have experienced this same fear.

We have both linked to a Russian folk dance? With many. With a sense of powerlessness in the face of what is happening in the country, and then you “Kalinka-Malinka”. Soulless obligation of the school. With a wild, vulgar, drunken weddings. And directly they may not be related, but they dropped the picture in a zipped file called “splint, vulgarity, lies”.They are not to blame, they were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. And now we have a mini-trigger.

Eighty seven million nine hundred twenty five thousand four hundred eighty

Why most of us hate cold porridge and milk foam? Because when we stuffed them in the garden, and we have experienced helplessness and despair. Why am I afraid to sing? Maybe because once I was expelled from the choir with the label? Maybe because someone once laughed? I can't remember who and when and don't remember the charges, but I do know that getting me to sing in public is impossible.

Our brain protects us from the bad. He again and again with lightning speed raises from the archives of the feeling of impotence, being misunderstood, loneliness, shame, guilt, fear. Saves us from playing in public, the right to say “no” right to rest, new boots, music schools and proximity to.Like an old rusty clock, forever stopped at the hour of X, they are not allowed to move on. published 


Author: Olga Nechaeva


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