Exercises that will help to get rid of adenoids and polyps

Most often the cause of snoring in children are adenoids, polyps, tonsils etc. Snoring not only disturbs others to sleep, annoying, but also harms the health of the child. When you snore disturbed the movement of air through the respiratory system, the child breathes a mouth, and the brain, in which the oxygen mainly comes as a result of nasal breathing, it loses.


This sleep gives the body a rest, have a negative effect on mental activity, reduces the assimilation of new information, etc.

Can happen even swelling of the throat and the person may temporarily stop breathing.

However, it is not advised to immediately resort to surgical intervention, as and adenoids, and polyps tend to grow again, and tonsils actually have a protective function.

Should be patient and several times a day to work with your child some of the exercises, in particular, a roar a minuteas a lion, tongue hanging out, just not to overdo it, so as not to cause drying of the mucous membrane of the throat.

It is also useful to perform another so-called exercise lion: straining the muscles of the throat as far as possible to his tongue, to lick in a shallow dish, greased with honey or jam, sprinkled with cinnamon.

Both exercises improve blood circulation in the throat and nasopharynx, affects the acupuncture points, which there are very many posted.

In addition, when the polyps, adenoids, etc. recommend a few times per day (preferably in a lying position) to do turundeki in the nose with the saline solution.

  • In a glass of warm water dissolve 1 tsp of rock or sea salt, add 1 drop of iodine.
  • The piece of bandage wound on a match and make turunduse to fit into a child's nostrils. The tip of the bandage should hang down from the nostrils to torontoca not stuck in the nose.
  • Wet turunduse in a saline solution and insert into nostril.
  • Keep at least 30 minutes so the salt and the iodine evaporates, penetrated into the maxillary sinus and on, "washed away" adenoids, polyps, etc.

It is also useful to warm the hands and feet of the child, for example, you can hold it in hot water legs at the shins or to give the child to hold a bottle of water.

However, there is still an adult snoring, often caused by overweight. In this case, the internal organs suffer, so this is snoring dangerous to health.

We must reorganize the whole system, to normalize the child's weight, review food, etc. Should consult a specialist for advice.published

Author: Boris Skachko

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