15 gorgeous photos of the birth of a new life

Seventy one million four hundred forty one thousand five hundred twenty six

Whether to show the public the hidden process such as childbirth, — the question, of course, controversial. This is often a very explicit pictures, but the skill of the authors helps us to see the unique beauty of what is happening. But it is a miracle — the birth of a child. And see the first moments of his life is incredible.

We are in Site could not pass by the stunning atmospheric photos from the competition held in 2017, the international Association of professional birth photographers.

Breathe to the beat

Before the meeting

The road to the birth of

The joy of motherhood

Defenders forever

Happy ending

All behind

Keep the child's fingers is amazing

Skin-to-skin, heart to heart, soul to soul

Became a brother

First glance

The power of love

I'll always be here for you, okay?

Incomparable pleasure

His Majesty is here!

Source International Association of Professional Birth Photographers

Photo on preview Birth Services by Sean Sue

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