10 rare fruits, which are outrageously expensive

Everyone loves to sink her teeth into a juicy peach or Apple crunch. But to spend a fortune?

The website offers a look at the fruit, for which he paid the price that they even have scary.

Yubari Melon

Melon "Yubari" is grown in greenhouses on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, covering from the sun with a special "hats". This is a very sweet, perfectly round melon with the skin pattern that resembles cracks in the ancient Japanese porcelain.

The average "Yubari" costs about $ 300, but two of the most expensive of them was sold at auction for $ 27 000.

Black Densuke watermelon

This watermelon having "a special type of sweets", only grows on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Peel it dark green, almost black, without stripes and stains, so it is called a black watermelon. Densuke sold in special black boxes that accentuates its color. The Japanese consider such watermelons as a valuable gift.

The average Densuke watermelon costs $ 250, but the biggest of them was sold at auction for $ 6 100.

The Grapes Ruby Roman

This red grape bred by Japanese breeders, the most expensive in the world. Each berry is the size of a ball ping-pong table, and they taste incredibly sweet — they contain 18 % sugar.

Grapes costs about $ 65 for the branch, but in 2016 the bunch weighing 700 grams was sold at auction for $ 10 900.

Mango "egg of the sun"

Mangoes in this class weigh at least 350 grammes and have a high sweetness.

A couple of these mangoes were sold at auction in Japan for $ 3 000.

Square watermelon $ 800 apiece

These watermelons has been created by the farmers of the Japanese island of Shikoku. To shape they are placed in special containers-cubes. Look for these melons is very difficult, and reaching the desired shape, they do not have time to ripen. Why square watermelons are bought mainly for decorative purposes — for example, for decoration of shop Windows. They cost from $ 200 to $ 800.

Strawberry fruit boutique

It seems that conventional strawberries. But these berries were selected from hundreds of other according to the principle of the ideal form. They are sold in luxury Sembikiya fruit parlor in Tokyo. Cost $ 69 for the packaging of 12 pieces.

Sekai Ichi Apples

These apples — the pride of the Japanese breeders. They can reach a weight of 2 pounds! In gardens where they are grown, pollinated manually with the help of special sticks. The Japanese believe these apples are a great delicacy and eat them mostly on holidays. Each Apple costs $ 21.


Dekopon (Dekopon or Sumo Fruit) — a hybrid of Mandarin and orange, which also bred in Japan. Argue that it's the most delicious citrus in the world — sweet, with slight acidity, with thin partitions between the lobules, it is bigger and juicier citrus. One dekopon costs $ 13.

The pear shaped Buddha

Pears in the shape of little Buddhas and babies have to grow up with Chinese farmers. They fix on the clear plastic fruit shape, and when ripe, pears find a small sculpture. Legend justifying a high price each pear — $ 9, says that these fruits give immortality.

The Gokusen banana for$ 6 apiece

Each banana is Packed in a separate box and has aserial number. The Gokusen bananas are grown in the ecologically clean district of the Philippines at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. They are 100 varieties and one-third sweeter, more fragrant and softer than regular bananas. One weighs 200 grams and costs $ 6. Bananas are sold in strictly limited quantities.

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