The classic excuses we justify their laziness

I decided to choose some of the most common excuses that each of us from time to time trying to justify their laziness. To each of them I picked up the real stories of people who have made a breakthrough in spite of any obstacles, or perhaps because of them. It is no accident since ancient times they say that difficulties make a strong person even stronger. So let's challenge any difficulties, at least in order to prove to yourself the simple truth: I am CAPABLE of IT!

I have no start-up capital

Probably the first excuse that comes to mind as soon as there is a glimmer of desire to create their own business - no start-up capital. And yet each of us has at least friends and relatives who will be able to take, if necessary, at least part of the required initial amount.
And because many of the megacorporations was created from complete scratch.
How could expect help Monegan, the future founder of pizza delivery, Domino, who spent all his childhood in orphanages and foster homes? Where could I find Finance, Sochiro Honda born in a very poor family in the Japanese agricultural province?


I have no ties

And even if I got part of the required amount in our world everything is decided by communication — again bore a pessimist.

But what about the example Andrew S. grove? — fending us. — The current head of the Corporation "Intel Corporation" — the legendary Andrew S. grove is one of the most striking examples of a man who started his career with absolutely no ties. Yes, and what may be in their twenties Hungarian immigrant with little money and even less knowledge of the English language.


Don't know what to do

— However, I can't even decide what I want to do!

Before you find your niche, now one of the richest people in the world, kirk Kerkorian, tried a lot of different jobs. Not graduating from high school, kirk enlisted in the Civil case of environmental protection, where he built roads and brought down trees in Sequoia National Park. Later he worked as unskilled laborer, then a setter. Finally, he decided to devote himself to career of the wrestler. The result is the same. The coaches have deemed him not strong enough to translate into the professional League. The next step is to work the washer motors have used car salesmen.

In parallel Kerkorian finds his dream — after the only entertainment flight with his fellow potters, he falls in love with aviation. In order to pay for flying lessons, kirk Kerkorian engaged in milking cows and cleaning manure on a ranch instructor. As a result, the kirk gets a licence and began to work as flight instructor. Approaching the second world war, and kirk is becoming a civil pilot in the British air force. Of their income wartime it opens the business of purchase and sale of surplus military equipment. He is remaking military aircraft to civilian. Restores the crashed aircraft and as a side source of income organize passenger transportation in Las Vegas. The further success story of Kirk Kerkorian we won't tell (if you want to read it in the book Martin S. Fridson "How to become a billionaire").


All the attractive industry busy

But all the other attractive sectors occupied for a long time — can reasonably argue You.

Business can be done from literally nothing, we'd say to you. American millionaire Wayne Huizenga made his first million on the garbage disposal.

Start-up capital is borrowed from father-in-law $ 5,000, he bought an old truck and just 20 clients. Before lunch, Wayne was personally involved in the disposal of waste; after lunch, dressed in a new suit, went in search of new customers. Given that at that time the industry was already redistributed between the large waste companies, beginning one to compete with the bison was extremely difficult. He went through a very difficult period, but has built one of the world's largest businesses for garbage collection. Earned "waste" money Hazing have established or bought companies in industries such as movie rentals, retail sales, rental cars, electronic security system, professional sports teams, hotels, portable toilets, filling water bottles, lawn care, pest control, Bulletin boards and service on washing machines.
It all started with one old truck...


There is no health — Oh, if I had at least health — breathe a hypochondriac.

In response, here are the words of John T. chambers, the current Executive Director of one of the largest corporations of America, "Cisco systems, Inc. "CSCO":
"The first thing I always say: you can achieve in life everything you wish for — if you are willing to work hard to achieve the goal. Second, take life for what it is, and not how you would like it to be. And if on your way you will encounter obstacles, don't get discouraged, and learn to overcome them. I had dyslexia — psychological problem that hinders learning. Doubt even that I can finish high school. Parents never believed it, but some people believed. For me it was a problem and I got rid of her, working hard with a great teacher... It was long before medicine understood with dyslexia. I cite this example to young people who say, "I can't do this because..."
And I say to them that this is an excuse".


I don't have an attractive appearance

— But a man with model looks is still easier to move to the top, will go the other way restless Wrangler.

Well, here's a classic example, when thirteen-year-old "clipic" Arnold Schwarzenegger told his parents that he wanted to be the man with the most perfect body in the world — they began to look for a psychiatrist. Even parents understand that fragile and lanky son is unlikely to get people with a good figure — not to mention the most perfect body. Doing without the help of a coach several hours a day, Arnold made a miracle.

After the army, he emigrated to the United States, where he continued bodybuilding. Movie seemed like the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your body. However, the first films with his participation was a failure. Unfamiliar with the basics of the acting craft, Arnold looked awkward. The situation was aggravated by a terrible Austrian accent and appearance of the gorilla, as noted by the press of the time.

As a result, the Schwarzenegger did after plastic surgery (genioplasty) by sliding protruding lower jaw. And in seven years, starring in the legendary "terminator", a well-deserved success.

However, it is still unattractive body and ugly appearance, became a symbol of the perfect man for a generation.


Women harder to succeed — no matter How I tried, in our country to overcome the "glass ceiling" is almost impossible, — joins in conversation the indignant lady

Let's turn to the history of Margaret Thatcher. Legendary female politician Margaret Thatcher made many believe impossible. In conservative England focused exclusively on male dominance, Thatcher was able to achieve the heights of power, becoming the first woman Prime Minister of great Britain.

Margaret Thatcher

In this case the starting conditions she was not the best. The daughter of the owner of a small grocery store, who grew up in rather harsh conditions because their parents didn't encourage "frills"; the girl was studying to overcome difficulties. One of the most serious blows to the ego, Margaret was caused to her when on the second year of College, she fell in love with the son of the count and was brutally rejected by his mother, who was not satisfied with the grocer's daughter. Her political career also began with a defeat. In order to try to get into Parliament from the Conservative party, Margaret Thatcher throws a stable job and moved into the election district. After a hard race, when for six months she slept only five hours, Thatcher suffered a crushing defeat in the elections. However, this does not stop her from ten years she still wins the race for a seat in Parliament. By the time she was a qualified research chemist, patent attorney and tax law and the mother of twins. The further history of the development of her career you probably know. And it is not important, the important thing is that even the "glass ceiling" in the very conservative UK can be punched, having enough faith... Desire and dedication!


No talent

— Experts believe that I have no talent — reasonable notice of a realist.

And who are these experts? Did you know that Walt Disney was fired from his first work as a cartoonist in the newspaper in connection with the "outstanding inability to draw", and the largest recording Studio refused to work with "the Beatles", as it was considered that this Quartet mediocre?


No luck

— I was always unlucky, sad sigh in the conversation fatalist.

Who really could not be called lucky, as this is Mary Kay. Since childhood she was deprived of the greater part of the joys of childhood, because seven years was a nurse at the bedside of a seriously ill father. Seven-year-old child to cook and clean instead of hanging out with friends. Mother, who has supported his family by working hard, Mary had seen enough, as when she returned from work, the girl went to sleep. When Mary Kay grew up and got married, she went to work as a waitress to help her husband. The result — after eight years of marriage, he left her with three children and no means of livelihood. Most of us would be broke or was made to believe his bad luck. Unknown, I think that Mary Kay, but the result of all these troubles was the creation of one of the largest empires in the world of beauty. Of course, not all at once. Of course, this required a huge work. But if she's just a waitress and a housewife, if not put it in such harsh conditions?

At least "lucky" was now the highest paid host of the talk show Oprah Winfrey. Raised in a Milwaukee ghetto, black girl experienced all the "charms" of racism. At the age of nine, Oprah was sexually abused, at thirteen ran away from home, stealing money from the mother, and at fourteen, gave birth to a premature baby who died. But despite the criminal environment in the ghetto, the racism that prevails in society, in extreme poverty, Oprah sought to break the vicious circle. She succeeded. I don't think any of us has today, as unfavorable starting conditions for starting a career. By the way, in adolescence, her troubles were not over. One of his first major work on television, she was fired. Oprah was plagued by troubles in his personal life, she grew bald, sharply gained weight, even tried to commit suicide. And in parallel, and quietly approached the creation of his entertainment. And it created!

And so on and so on and so forth...

Such a dialogue can be continued indefinitely. But most importantly, what we were trying to show that almost everything in the world can be overcome. The main thing — to believe in yourself. It is faith that performs miracles. And if it makes you feel any better -know that we too believe in You! You yourself feel it. So good luck to you and let you will see a Really New Life; a life full of Endless Possibilities and Infinite Happiness. published


Author: Tatiana Nikitina

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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