How to plant potatoes under straw

The story goes that the traditional technology of cultivation of potatoes was not the only method of obtaining good yields in Russia. In the XIX century widely used method of planting potatoes under straw. Revolutionary transformations in the beginning of the last century touched the agricultural sector, completely displacing the effective method.


Technology of potato cultivation

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Selected and sprouted roots in untilled soil evenly laid out on the site.

Planting material is being coated on top of a 20-30 cm layer of straw and garden residues, which are fertilizer.

For the straw to take care in advance.

The plot need to allocate space and plant it with vetch, peas and oats.

On the plot, make small holes with plane, scattered the seed and harrowed with a rake.

Plants need to be left until spring, and among the smooth rows of flattened vegetation can be planted tubers, prisypaya them a 5 cm layer of soil with fertilizer.

To the wind tore the straw, her cover with soil or press boards.

At harvest in the fall is enough to remove the top layer of the shelter and gather clean potatoes.

Straw you can use any, but the quality of the planting material should be taken good seeds, eliminating the old, weak and withered roots.

The advantages of such technology are obvious:

  • reducing the complexity significantly due to the lack of the need to pereopisanie soil, watering, weeding and earthing up;
  • the presence of predatory insects in the straw reduces the number of Colorado potato beetles;
  • productivity increase in 2-3 times;
  • weeds under the straw does not grow;
  • has been sufficient soil moisture even during a drought;
  • the yield of potatoes increases every year.
Planting potatoes under straw is produced in neopaney land, which for the year restores their fertility. It is actively developing microorganisms that rot the straw, secreting beneficial for roots carbon dioxide, the worms do their work.

The result is a soft, air, and living soil without chemical fertilizers and mechanical damage.

Advanced technology reduces the load on the ground and restores its internal resources.

The process of growing potatoes under straw is completely self-contained and does not require additional costs for purchase of fertilizers and seeds.

The application of reasonable technologies that require no fuel and preserving the ecological system, gives a beautiful crop and saves huge amounts of money.

This method of growing potatoes tried several times to upgrade.


  • Plots for planting are bombarded with 10-15 cm layer of peat, the tubers were in the hole, but on top they were covered with straw only. Potato yield increased.

  • Another innovation is to perform operations selevinia ploskorez Fokine. In the opinion of the experimenters, clickomania on the series stacking of tubers allowed to harvest 20% above normal.
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Growing potatoes under straw justified in drylands, since the protective top layer protects the roots from exposure to high temperatures and retains moisture due to the active atmospheric irrigation. For example, at +35° heat, the temperature near the tubers remain within +19 °C.

In those places where there is a warm winter, potato can be produced in the winter by covering the tubers 50-70 cm layer of straw.

In the spring you can remove the crop.

To scare away the mice, it is recommended around the perimeter of the plantchernokoren. This method requires minimal material costs, time and effort, has long been cultivated by gardeners.

Besides, taking the fall harvest, the tubers can be dried and not washed. Grown root vegetables are ecologically clean and well kept.published


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