Someone else's family — darkness. But there is one symptom that will tell you a happy wife!

Predict whether the a good marriage or not, is very difficult. But to say, a happy wife after several years of living together, quite easily. You'd be surprised, but this is evidenced by not a wide smile and a gleam in his eyes.

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There is one sure sign that scientists have proved in the process of numerous studies. About it you in a hurry to tell the editors «Site». And Yes, if you stand, we suggest that you take a seat, so as not to falter in surprise.

Happy parelli suddenly you began to notice that the shirt was tight and favorite jeans you already intermeddle with great difficulty, do not rush to hysterical and go to the buckwheat with the water. After all, it is a sign that your relationship with a loved one everything is fine. It's amazing, but scientists have proved that if married gaining weight, at least one of the spouses then a couple happy in their relationship. You could argue, but the researchers suggest virtually confirmed the facts.

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Scientists at the National center for information and biotechnology have proven that satisfied spouses are significantly better. It would seem the opposite, but that's the catch. The experiment was conducted on 169 pairs that were married for about 5 years. Spouses were interviewed twice a year about how they are satisfied with their relationships. Those who are satisfied, gaining weight, and those who were dissatisfied, no.

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Scientists explain this by the fact that in a happy stable relationship people are confident that will not abandon them and will love in any form and under any circumstances. They relax, eat happily and be fine, while remaining desirable and happy. But the thinness suggests that spouses do not believe in the strength of their relationship and forced to look after themselves — suddenly slimmer favorite will find…

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But this does not mean that this moment should begin to overeat! Everything should be natural and be supported by psychological attitude. It is also worth noting that severe obesity is already a sign of problems in the body.

So, ladies, abdomen, your beloved is not from intoxicating drink, but from boundless love. And men should remember that women gain weight not from the fact that you do not wish to follow him, and from that happy next to you. Appreciate it!

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Here's an interesting fact. Tell us in the comments, whether you agree with this statement, and don't forget to share the survey with your friends!

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