Do not give second chance to people who let you down!

1. Don't let others define how you live Or what you should wear, with whom to meet, how to eat.


2. Do not allow others to use your energyKeep such people away and don't let their negativity to enter your life.

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3. Do not allow to interfere in personal life Beware of gossip and those who have no case.


4. Don't let the fun of your dreams Surround yourself with people who embodied the dreams and the conviction in their power.


5. Don't let to fool yourselfDo not give second chance to people who you once failed and you don't trust. Don't listen to their vows — don't be fooled.

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6. Don't let the to give advice that do not needIf the person is not matching its words with actions, don't listen to him. He knows what's best for him — and even more for you.


7. Don't let others remind you of your failures Unfortunately, some feel better belittling others. Do not allow this. To defend his point of view, or keep from such people far away.


8. Don't feel deprived of loveStay away from those who insists that you're a complex person and needs to change. People tend continuous development, so in your environment, surely there are those who love you and appreciate with all faults. Hold on to them. Their society is what you need.


9. Don't let others use your kindness Or take all your time. Be a good friend, but always know, when you take for granted.


10. Don't let others distract you from the hobby Let's not interfere in their calling.


11. Do not let pressure yourself and set time limitsPeople like to put time frames and deadlines. Do everything you can — the rest will take care of the universe.

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12. Don't let hang to the labels Vulnerable. Emotional. Crazy. Indecisive. Complex.

People love to label, but you don't have to tolerate this. The best place for foreign labels — trash.


13. Don't let discourage yourself from plans You have to take risks and to believe. Do not share your plans and ideas with those who are unable to understand them.


14. Don't let blame yourself for someone else's mistakesDon't be the scapegoat for the sins of others.


15. Don't let others to occupy in your life more space than necessary As a result, they may unintentionally let you down or affect your life. When somebody is pressuring you, don't put up with it.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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