This dish is my card: cakes, which are impossible to put down!

How do sometimes want to please the family tasty and unusual Breakfast. But time and effort is not always enough, and a pall. But do not despair, because we have something well very appetizing!

The editors of the"Site" found the most amazing and very simple recipe of banana fritters, which are definitely loved by your family. Delicious, and most importantly — useful!


Banana, radiate the recipe, which does not want to change anything. After the yogurt and banana combine to create a perfect harmony of taste. So amazing that I want to eat and eat! By the way, after lying a few hours, these pancakes become even tastier.

Well, let's start cooking! And you need the best available ingredients.


  • 0.5 liters of yogurt
  • 7 tbsp flour
  • 0,5 stack. sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 0.5 tsp. soda
  • 0.5 tsp. salt
  • 2-3 banana
  • vegetable oil

Tip: yogurt choose fatter, but fruit additives do not affect the taste. The pancakes turn out pretty sweet, so consider this point while preparing dough.

  1. In a convenient bowl, thoroughly mix yogurt, eggs, flour, sugar, salt and soda.

  2. It should look like yogurt dough. Try to fry the first batch of pancakes. If they turned into flat ground, add more flour!

  3. Cleanse bananas from peel and cut each fruit into 4 pieces, cut in half and crosswise.

  4. On a heated and greased pan put a quarter of bananas cut down, on top of each banana immediately spread 2-3 tablespoons of dough. The fruit must be fully enveloped by the test. Fry one side, carefully flip with a spatula and bring to readiness.

  5. Ready pancakes can be sprinkled with vanilla icing sugar. It is not necessary. But this trick will give amazing banana fritters with vanilla flavor.

Take a little time and definitely try to prepare this wonderful Breakfast for the whole family! Do not forget to share this cool recipe with your friends, he's sure they'll like it.

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