"I'm NOT enough," psychosomatics diseases of the liver

Psychosomatics diseases of the liver (hepatitis, liver cancer)

When we talk about the liver, we're talking about the organ that performs most of the functions among all organs. The liver is a factory, which continuously synthesized and transformirovalsya different "substances": enzymes for digestion, hormones, lipids and so on. All in order to provide the body the proper functioning and survival.

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If the organism did lack a number of necessary substances from the outside — we are talking about food — all of the "questions" to the liver: whether it will be able to manufacture so many enzymes that the body managed to assimilate all the nutrients. And not a drop to no important missing.

So, if we are talking about hunger, that is, the lack of food, or the lack of something (money, love, tenderness, respect), he begins to marvel at the liver.

According to R. G. Hameru ("New German medicine") in the case of hunger in the liver begin to appear abnormal cells, which enhance functions of the liver: more efficient, more enzymes for better digestion.

If hunger (or lack of something) lasts a long time, either suffering extremely intense, atypical cells can become cancerous. So there are neoplastic diseases of the liver (we are talking about adenocarcinoma resorptive type — for best absorption of nutrients and adenocarcinoma secretory type — to increase the amount of bile for better digestion).

The largest figure in the world of cancer of the liver accounts for some countries in Asia and Africa. For example, in India, Nepal, Sudan and Nigeria, the figure is almost 100 people per 100 thousand population. In Europe and the United States, the figure is 5-6 people, and in Canada and the UK — 1 person.

If hunger or lack of something does not last too long, and the conflict is resolved, the body or kapsulirovat of the tumor or complete collapse of the tumors with the inflammatory processes. Hepatitis is diagnosed (in this case we are talking about non-viral hepatitis).

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With the actual famine, everything is clear. However, a person tends to worry about what will not be food and in the case where a real threat of starvation may not exist.

For example, parents often complain that there is no money. For kids, it can make a great impression. The child easily perceives these words as a real threat in his life.

If the child really don't like some food, but he forced her to eat, the liver can become active to help digest this "byaku". You have to be careful. Intuitive nutrition.

In adults also raises different fears "hunger" (usually programmed as a child), if the person is adjudged to be in dire financial conditions.

But not only the fear of hunger and lack of money can strengthen the liver.

Any topic "I miss" can be downloaded in the liver.

For example, "I need love and attention to the mother" — enlargement of the liver.

"I don't have enough respect from my children."

Of course, any shortage of anything to survive and change.

Earn money. Lack of money is usually a failed lesson of growing up.

To love yourself. This is a lesson of awareness.

Be worthy of respect and honor ourselves. The lesson is to stop being a cranky little baby.

What would be the problem in the body arises, is the message that it is time to change. And these changes possible. published 


Author: Elena Guskova

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