8 items of men's looks that attract women like a magnet

Every woman has their preference in men's looks that make men attractive in her eyes.

The website analysed information on this subject and came to the conclusion that in many respects the tastes of the beautiful half of humanity converge. And here are 8 of the most unexpected of them.

Sinewy forearms

Pumped hands seem women too unnatural. But strong, sinewy hands on a subconscious level to inspire confidence, because their owner is surely a handy person. Besides these hands just look nice.

Easy bristles

Numerous polls and studies have shown that the beautiful half of humanity are more attracted to men with light facial hair (a three-day stubble) than clean-shaven or a man with a beard. From the point of view of the evolution of facial hair is a sign of aggression, that is why representatives of the stronger sex with the bristles seem women more masculine: they see them as potential hunters and miners.

Thick eyebrows

Thick eyebrows accentuate the eyes and make the eyes look more open, which psychologically comes from a woman to a more sincere and trusting communication.


The man in glasses produces on a woman the impression of being responsible and attentive, and the view from behind the glass seems more poignant and thoughtful. Besides, men with glasses might seem beautiful ladies are more vulnerable or, conversely, strong and independent. And don't forget about the fact that the glasses are immediately associated with a high level of intelligence.


Scientists have proved that the scars on a man's face attracts women. They are perceived as a sign of courage and bravery. Subconsciously women are projecting a man's ability to stand up for himself on his partner and future offspring. Besides scars associated with the sense of danger, with a kind of forbidden fruit, which, as you know, is always sweeter.


According to the survey among women famous stylists and fashion bloggers revealed that the most attractive hairstyle is pretty short hair on the sides and slightly longer on the top. For example, like Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum.

High cheekbones

British scientists (Yes, they) conducted an experiment in which subjects were asked to rate the faces of thousands of strangers. It turned out that people with high, pronounced cheekbones seemed to them most reliable. According to another study, the women love to the high cheekbones in men triggered (but was not the only reason) for the evolution of the structure of the jaw of our ancestors. The fact that the fairer sex men with fangs prefer men with a massive chin. So the faces of men became wider and they began to lose front teeth.


2 thousand girls were asked to answer the question of what the stomach looks the most attractive. 8% of respondents agreed that the best option is relief stomach bodybuilder with lots of muscle mass, 10 % voted for a small "beer" belly, and the remaining 82 % prefer the sports, tightened, but not over-inflated figure.

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