Toyota i-Tril - urban mini electric car without steering wheel and pedals for youth

At the Geneva motor show, as usual, presented many new concepts of cars and the bulk of them are electric vehicles. Including Toyota, which is known, is betting on hydrogen fuel cells, still decided to debut with his prototype of the electric.

The Japanese automaker, in collaboration with design Studio ED2 in nice has developed a concept car called the "i-Tril", the target audience is "youth". But more details about the purpose of the electric car reveals a press release which stated that the prototype was created with a focus "on a new type of client: fine, single and active woman of 30-50 years with two children and full-bodied lifestyle."

"We asked our designers and engineers to leave their offices and go look at our target youth audience, and then answer: what do you expect from us to future generations? The team worked a lot, discussing the issue at meetings and debating with each other. And this is their response," says Toyota.The answer was triple electromobility weight of 600 kg, which should serve as a compact alternative to urban transport, which include motorcycles and hatchbacks. To control the buggy instead of a steering wheel and pedals the accelerator and brake used two joysticks for each hand.

Toyota promises i-Tril mileage on a single charge, more than 200 km, the system of voice recognition and fully Autonomous driving mode. Another feature of the electric car was the Active Lean system that uses the principle applied in miniature electric cars Toyota HA-MO, created on the basis of the concept i-Road. This technology when cornering provides the machine with angle of inclination, which does not allow it to tip over. published

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