3 ingredients that will return the life to the beloved plant


Went on vacation, forgot to water, not doda light his favorite plant in a pot, and here the mountain — it started to savadatti. Do not despair and certainly do not rush to say goodbye.

The website offers you a faithful and personally tried and tested way to bring life to the perishing plant.

You will need:1. Banana peel 8a76bb4be2.jpg

2. Ground coffee 43c33e27b1.jpg

3. Eggshell 2cd0dd388e.jpg

Add a little water and whisk everything in a blender b098eeb65a.jpg

The resulting mixture is put in a pot with a plant 16b5d5247b.jpg

After some time, your green friend again, alive and well 2c0e4b45ab.jpg

Source labioguia

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