Indoor Azalea care at home

The Azalea is very beautiful, but very delicate houseplant, and when it showed up at the house, the question arises – how to care for Azalea home? The cultivation of this beauty requires some knowledge about the peculiarities of care. As only with proper maintenance and care, the Azalea will delight you with its beautiful colors.
Special difficulties plant care is not, if you decide to get this beauty, you will have to follow certain rules of care for her. All the rules care is based on the growth of plants in the natural environment. It just so happens, if you want to plant grew and bloomed, provide it with all necessary, and it will thank you with lush color.


Care of indoor Azalea starts with choosing the right locations for its placement, and this, in turn, depends on the lighting required for the plant. Azaleas do not tolerate direct sunlight, for this plant the ideal conditions under diffused light or in partial shade. Thus, for the cultivation of this plant will fit Windows oriented to the North. In summer, the plant is recommended to make the fresh air, and keep in partial shade. You will plant a flower in the open ground, especially if you live in a mild climate, and winter is no significant decrease in temperature. But when grown in the open ground the azaleas will need to cover in winter to protect from frost, but flowering in this case will occur in the summer.


Azalea needs high humidity, so the plant have to be sprayed periodically. It is especially important to maintain a high humidity level during the heating season in a modern apartment, it can also spray to put around the plant containers with water.


Proper watering is a very important event for the care home Azalea, is very important for the growth and vegetation of plants. Azalea refers to those flowers in cultivation which cannot be tolerated waterlogging or stagnant water in the pan or drying out of the soil. That is the soil should always be moist, but the pot should be equipped with good drainage, and drained water after watering timely to drain from the pan.
For watering you want to use ideal for rain, snow melt or river water. In the absence of such you can certainly use tap water, but it is necessary to defend and pass through the filter.
Azalea loves acidic environment, so to use the plants the water can be podkalivat, using citric acid. For this podkaljaja add just a few crystals on the tip of a knife into the container for watering. Azaleas need to be watered with water at room temperature.
As is often for planting azaleas used peat substrates, and the drying they turn into a very solid kom and do not allow the plant to grow freely, it is recommended to water the azaleas by immersion. For this pot with a plant on the hours put into a bowl with the prepared water, and then allow the water to properly drain.

Pruning azaleas

Conditions in the greenhouse quite frequently watering these plants can be arranged by putting some on the ground, ice or snow, or ice slowly melting and this is provided by watering the plants. But in the apartment during the heating season so do not gelatelno, as the strong temperature difference between the roots and the crown of the plant may be damaged, especially a flowering plant.
The plant is very demanding to temperature regimes. In the winter time for good flowering plants need a constant temperature in the range of 12 to 14 °C. But if you properly maintain the humidity the plant can successfully grow and bloom and at 20-22 °C.


That's really really fussy plant, azaleas preferred acidic soil, which is rare for houseplants. The perfect soil – Heath, but it can be replaced with a mixture of conifers and peat lands, in the ratio of 2:1, and add a little river sand. This soil mix you can buy ready-made, it's called mix for acidophilic plants.
Flowers Azalea care and fertilizer
Like all Azalea plants need fertilizing in the spring and summer the plant should be fed every 7-10 days. Fertilizing can produce, or complex fertilizer for azaleas, or take a comprehensive fertilizer, but it should include the following substances: ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, superphosphate, potassium sulfite.
In winter and autumn, in the period of flower Bud formation need to fertilize superphosphate, throwing it to the following ratio: 15 grams per 10 liters of water.
It is worth remembering that loosen the soil in the pot with the Azalea, you should not, this plant has a shallow root system and is very delicate roots, and their damage leads to the diseases of plants.


The formation of the crown of azaleas

This procedure is very important if you want to achieve abundant flowering this beauty. And all because azaleas have flower buds formed at the tips of shoots, usually in late summer for abundant flowering very important timely pruning. With regular pruning of the tops are formed, and the more tips, the more flowers later. The main thing is not to forget and not to be late with this procedure, otherwise the flower buds will not have time to form, and the bloom will turn weak.
The main purpose of forming the trimming is to make the plant a fluffy and beautiful with lots of buds. Pruning should be done strictly according to time: for early varieties pruning March – April, srednicowy – April – may, and late may – June. The whole procedure of trimming is that should shorten all the shoots of the previous year and completely remove weak or very close.published



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