The work of this artist is forced to question everything you've seen before

Eighty three million six hundred one thousand nine hundred six

Ukrainian artist Victoria Solidarity can rightly be called a true master of his craft. Her work is fascinating, taking us into the colorful world of fairy tales and real magic. What is the secret?

Site decided to lift the veil of secrecy and show how the artist creates his beautiful work.

Victoria collects a few, at first glance, not related to each other photos and using photoshop masterfully combines them into a single work. The final photo looks flawless, and that it is a collage, not a problem even thought.

Eighty one million five hundred ninety eight thousand four hundred fifty one

Seventy nine million eight hundred eighty five thousand five hundred seventeen

Sixty eight million fifty eight thousand four hundred eighty six

Seventy six million one hundred sixty eight thousand five hundred twelve

Twenty seven million five hundred twelve thousand nine hundred ninety eight

Eleven million six hundred sixty six thousand nine hundred fifty nine

Seventy six million three hundred twenty nine thousand eight hundred thirteen

Fourteen million six hundred ninety one thousand five hundred eighty four

Three million three hundred fifty seven thousand five hundred twenty five

Fourteen million four hundred sixty seven thousand ninety five

Fifty seven million five hundred twenty two thousand thirty eight

Ninety two million seven hundred thirty three thousand five hundred forty seven

Forty seven million seven hundred ninety eight thousand two hundred seventy seven

Sixty eight million eight hundred seventy six thousand seven hundred ninety eight

Source simka48

Photo preview Victoria in Solidarity

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