Soviet car with their hands (28 photos)

In the USSR, the vehicle had to save all his life, but still in line for her to stand for eight years.
But as you know, the Russian did not give up. People have done a car with his hands. Not all of course.
So, the exhibition Ilya Sorokin Oldtimer this year, collected all the cars that were able to find.

Cheetah 1966-1968

It was built on a series of similar units of cars Zaporozhets (ZAZ-966 and ZAZ-968)
CD 1963-1969

This is the first self-made cars built by Russian craftsmen is not unique. The engine, transmission and suspension of ZAZ-965A. Built 6 cars.
Ant 1965

The engine of the motorcycle Jawa-350, the main transmission and the suspension of the two cycle-C3A
GTSCH 1969


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