Soviet car with their hands (28 photos)

In the USSR, the vehicle had to save all his life, but still in line for her to stand for eight years.
But as you know, the Russian did not give up. People have done a car with his hands. Not all of course.
So, the exhibition Ilya Sorokin Oldtimer this year, collected all the cars that were able to find.

Cheetah 1966-1968

It was built on a series of similar units of cars Zaporozhets (ZAZ-966 and ZAZ-968)
CD 1963-1969

This is the first self-made cars built by Russian craftsmen is not unique. The engine, transmission and suspension of ZAZ-965A. Built 6 cars.
Ant 1965

The engine of the motorcycle Jawa-350, the main transmission and the suspension of the two cycle-C3A
GTSCH 1969

Grand Turismo Scherbinin. Built on the basis of the "Volga" GAZ-21.
Proton 1985

Electric car with the engine of the truck and the battery from heavy machinery.
Sports 1500 1977

Components and assemblies from the VAZ-2103.
Buggy Solo 1980

One of the projects Scherbinin brothers. In general, I must say the brothers were real homemade automobile maniacs while.
Asterisk 1972

The engine of the motorcycle "Ural". Coil Units of cycle-S3D.
Coupe Scherbinin "Satan" in 1980

In Scherbinin dispersed in earnest. In this project Scherbinin connected to the two brothers of the same enthusiast, take Algebraistovy.
Parts of the body made of fiberglass.

Gnome 1970

Engine from Java-350 units and units of the cycle-S3D.
Pangolin 1983

It is the most famous home-made cars. The engine and components of the Lada VAZ-2101.
So Pangolin looks inside.

JNA 1982

This is the car that appeared in the project "Satan" Scherbinin. Yuri algebraist, creator of the car constantly upgrade your car. It is fully on track and in good condition. Today, under the hood is the engine from BMW. In general, it is, in my opinion, the only surviving Soviet homemade.
FOX 2011

This is the current attempt to make a "cool" cars from the Shustov Cars. It did not enthusiasts and professional designers. It's sadly. This is another example of what we have in the country is going in the automotive industry. Once the experts take the case, it turns out this is such a fear. In the west, the designers of the period of their training time to nabalovatsya similar forms within the course projects. And we have designers believe that the more lines he nacherkaet on paper, the less likely the customer to blame him for what he fucking did. Our car enthusiasts better somehow obtained than our professionals.
Work in 1964

This car homemade three-cylinder engine.

This guys from the crew team TVC find specific designer Fenichka this car.

Design course in the next, she Dam:

And this is also done.

Teremok 1974

Well, someone did for travel trailers, why not.

So he had to look to the authors.

Elbrus TC-January 1972

Based on the chassis and aggregates GAZ-21. We collected the car on the Nalchik car repair factory. The machine was designed for the chief engineer of the plant. That something like that.
Centaur 1981

Minibus terrain. Before perestroika registration of trucks owned by private persons is prohibited. That's why AK Mishukov (author of the cars) brought it to the chassis UAZ-452. The engine of the ZMZ-24D.
Komar 1990

"The versatility built V.Komarom for use in the Russian reality." - Written on the plate next to the car. Once again, in '90, "... in a Russian reality." Look, it's true, and car design meets the requirements of the Russian reality 90.
Katam 1966

Built more like a boat with wheels. Wooden frame, leather material impregnated with a water-resistant plywood. Engine from Java-350. Equipped with parking and boat shipping light devaysa necessary for navigation.


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