The blogger has listed 20 facts on women with whom contact is not necessary

Any man has his ideal woman. But there are ladies who need to around a kilometer away and not to have a relationship with them. The website invites the reader to meet a male blogger Kazakuralsky about women shared by Morena Moran in his LJ. You don't have to agree with him, but to take note of these facts still stands.

1. If a woman willingly has shared with you the fact that she had started sexual life, run from it, no good relationship with her will not end.

2. From the ladies who are not able to create a cosiness and comfort, too, should flee without looking back. If you've come for the woman to visit, and in her apartment in chaos and dirt in your shared dwelling will be the same.

3. It is clear that with a woman with bad habits (Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption) it is impossible to build a strong relationship. You'll have to persuade her to quit and she's mad and fighting with you.

4. As a rule, women working in state institutions, such as the police or tax office, and the house accepted the command of a man. It is necessary to you?

5. Similarly, the boss tend to be head of the family. Not every man will like it.

6. If you only want adventure and fun, then get acquainted with any girl and neformalok. If you want a strong family, you pass by them.

7. A woman who sincerely believe in all sorts of horoscopes and omens, able for them to miss out on her perfect man.

8. If your beloved childhood there was an example of proper family relations, and with you it will not be able to build them. Without a father, the girl may not understand the importance of a male presence in her life, and therefore you will treat the wrong.

9. For a stable relationship between a man and a woman should be the age difference, at least seven years. If a woman is older, she sees the man as his son and starts excessively to take care of it. And girls of the same age or with a slight difference, it is not able to perceive you as an equal partner, so they will be day-to-day to check you for strength.

10. Girls who think they are real treasures, you risk to spend all my life alone. They are the slopes very long time to choose a "Prince", and choosing — in every way to harass his whims.

11. If you are willing to devote their lives to the woman with a child from another marriage, be ready to that your children you may not acquire. Usually women pay for his firstborn a lot of attention, forgetting about yourself and about your man.

12. If you came to conquer Moscow, then do not start relations with indigenous Muscovite. All of them, as a rule, too proud and selfish, and the people of the province and people do not believe.

13. And non-indigenous Muscovites, and even more so! Those focused only on how to conquer the capital and are doing everything they can even agree on the lewd invitations from the rich men.

14. Women who the main man is their father, will "poke" your nose in what their Papa cool and smart. And you will forever remain in his shadow.

15. From those who like to travel, too, should not expect anything good. On the rest they are used to relax and to have Affairs, so loyalty will not wait on them.

16. If in the world of women is a social network and watching TV, then you should leave her. Of course, as ardent fans of the popular reality show have well, a very distorted perception of normal relations between a man and a woman.

17. If you are sure that a family means having children with a girl-childfree you are not exactly on the way. She will spend all of their time on their own pleasure and not think about the children.

18. A woman, completely immersed in creating or managing their own business, is always in a state of stress and nervous excitement. Therefore family creation is for her, not at first and not even in second place.

19. Is looking for a companion of life, education and standard of living which will be similar to yours. Social inequality gives rise to quarrels and able to destroy even a stable relationship.

20. The eternal student does not understand the importance of love, relationships and family life. They seek only to obtain the first, second, fifth, tenth higher education, which, of course, takes up all their time.



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