Garlic: plant in the spring right

Garlic — plant in the spring!

The excess of garlic that were not consumed over the winter, you can plant in the spring. To do this, disassemble the garlic into slices, remove the scales and immediately be soaked in any growth stimulating solution of 7 - 9 hours. a865726c3c.jpg

After this take a soft cloth, wet it, squeeze it and lay in it slices of garlic, wrapped and put in plastic bag (but, in any case, do not cover tightly). All this put into the refrigerator. Usually garlic for planting for spring harvest a month before planting. Another important point — we cannot allow the cloth has dried, it should be periodically moistened with water. Within a month on the slices of garlic appear roots up to 5 cm

As soon as the ground warms up and will stand normal weather, it will be possible to start boarding. Best in the garden to make the groove depth of about 10 cm, spread the sprouted teeth. The groove must be covered with humus. That garlic, unlike what was planted in the fall, will grow a little longer, but it will be larger. Over the summer, recommends a couple of times to feed the garlic with mineral fertilizers. 60815b5964.png

Tip: in the summer leave 5-6 arrows with bulbectomy to control growth. Once the shell they burst, you can safely dig up the garlic. Themselves bullocki it is recommended to plant less often: you can do it in the fall and spring. published

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