16 rules for success by billionaire Bob Parsons

1. leave my comfort zone and keep away from her.
2. Never give up.
3. When you are ready to drop everything you closer to your goal than you think.
4. What would you nor worried not only accept the worst thing that could happen, but make it a rule to determine how it could be worse.
5. Do you want something to happen? Focus on that.
Remember the old saying, "As you think, so be it."
6. Concentrate only on the things that you plan to do today.
7. is always in motion.
Remember the Japanese practice of "kaizen": small improvements every day eventually turn into a huge advantage.
8. make decisions quickly. Remember what I said the American general during the Second World George S. Patton: "Just a good plan, violently pretvorёnny in life today, much better than a perfect plan tomorrow."
9. Measure everything meaningful. Anything that is measured and observed improved.
10. All that is not controlled spoil. If you want to uncover problems that you do not know vykroy a moment and look closely to the areas that you have some time did not check.
11. Watch your competitors, but pay more attention to their cause.
12. Do not let anyone be intimidated.
In our society, with our laws and even playing field you have just as much right to do their work, as well as at any other person.
13. Never expect life to be fair. You all will be as it should, if only example of justice for you will be able to sit on the bus after the fare.
14. Solve your problem itself. You will find that, based on their own decisions, you generates a competitive advantage.
15. Do not judge yourself harshly. None of us does not control everything as much as it seems.
16. There is always a reason to smile.


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