Purification of salt for every day of the week: how and why

Did you know that every day of the week governed by a specific planet. These planets have on us, both positive and negative effects. To mitigate the negative effects of day and strengthen the positive impact, it is necessary to carve out in your schedule just 10 minutes. Generally, for each day has its own special ritual.


This day controlled by the Moon, which makes a person anxious, excited, sometimes pushes him senseless, thoughtless acts. Remember what they say: "Monday – day heavy"?

Not to feel sorry later for what he did on this day, as follows: two small cotton pouch roll on the 1st. spoon of salt and tightly knot the bags. As comfortable as you can lie down, relax, put one bag of salt, 10 cm above the navel, and another keep in the left hand. Immerse yourself in pleasant memories, forget all old grudges and past unpleasantness.

Salt has an amazing ability to absorb information. A small bag of salt that lies in your belly, save you from the uncertainty, and the one that you hold in your hand, will help to establish relationships with others.



This day manages the Mars. And therefore to your initiatives and plans can prevent conflicts with others that drives people to this warlike planet.

To avoid this, proceed as follows: In two small pouch, pour 1.5 tablespoons of salt and tightly tie them. Take one pouch in the left hand, the other on the right. Attach the bags to the temples, sit back and focus on the planned business, meetings, negotiations, mentally pronouncing their wishes, imagining the ideal situation.

Salt, you hold the left temple, will save you from envious, salt at the right temple – will help ensure successful development and completion of the planned works.



Mercury rules this day of the week, gives understanding and conducive to the successful completion of cases. However, it can present you with unpleasant surprises, to contribute to the emergence of problems.

Salt will help to reduce this danger to a minimum and will help to improve relationships with others: in two small pouch roll on the 2H. tsp of salt and tightly tie them. Lie is, put a small bag of salt in the middle of the forehead, the other take in his right hand. Relax and say to myself that you need to do that day.

Salt in hand, get information, remove obstacles from your path, will help to achieve this goal, will contribute to profit, and thanks to the one that is on your forehead, your senses will sharpen, you will receive the ability to anticipate possible scenarios, learn to intuitively avoid problems, to avoid pitfalls. You will then receive the ability to prevent dangerous situations, happy to avoid them.



The Lord of day – wise and always helping Jupiter. He gives people intuition, but sometimes confusing relationship. So in your relationships you are interested in the person does not have the space problems and omissions, as follows:

Take two bags, add them 2 tablespoons of salt and tightly tie them. Sit back, put one bag on top of his head and another squeeze in his hand and hold it in front of the forehead. Focus on what you most care about in the moment, and all this mentally say.

Salt on the crown absorbed the information, tell you unusual, but very real solution, and salt, which you held in front of the forehead, will help you to avoid possible troubles and problems.


This day manages a beauty, Venus. On this day, it gives people the love and pleasure, but, alas, could not protect them from quarrels and conflicts.

To avoid them again will help the salt comes In two bags sprinkle 1.5 tablespoons of salt and tightly tie them. Lie down comfortably and put them on the stomach: one bag – on a palm above the navel, the other palm below the navel. Relax, nothing to think, try to enter the state of absolute rest.

Salt that lies above the navel to relieve you from nervousness, will protect against stress; salt that lies below the navel, to concentrate the sexual energy and enhance potency.



It seems to be a day off, but manages a strict teacher Saturn, which are able to spoil you all the fun.

This day is ruled by all kinds of negativity, but today you can normalize the energy balance of your body: Again, take two cotton sack into one pour 1st. the spoon in the other – 2st. tsp of salt and tying tightly in the pouches. Fall as comfortable as you can, put on the crown of the sack 1st. spoonful of salt, and another bag – just behind the big toes. Relax, try to forgive all wrongs, don't think about unpleasant and annoying. Complete peace and humility!

Salt on the crown will restore emotional balance and energy balance; Sol, between the big toe will relieve obsessive thoughts, despondency and melancholy.



On this day the Sun gives you a lot of positive emotions, creates favorable conditions for contact with people. But on the same day can easily become a victim of the evil eye or damage.

Sunday, proceed as follows: Take two bags, one roll 2st. spoon another 3st. teaspoon salt and tightly tie them. Lie down comfortably. In the right hand take the bag with two tablespoons of salt in the left – three. Focus on what pleases you in this life, and then go to that annoying after all this mentally.


Hanna somatic: Muscle pain not caused by age, but by what has happened to you in lifeis the Relationship of internal organs and psychosomatic diseases

A small bag of salt, which you hold in your right hand, will help to maintain or restore good relations with others, in the left – will protect against damage and the evil eye.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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