10 real people who were the prototypes of our favorite movie characters

We often admire the work of filmmakers, screenwriters and actors who create and embody a vivid, memorable and even iconic heroes. But often it is the appearance and character of real people become the basis for the creativity of kinodela. The editors of the Website have collected examples of the influence of real people in recognizable and beloved movie characters. Sometimes the resemblance is just incredible!

Maurice Tie — Shrek Shrek

In recognition of the creators, the way Shrek was inspired by the appearance of Maurice Tie. At the age of 17 the young man was struck by a rare disease — acromegaly. His bones began to grow rapidly, and the proportions of the body were broken. Being very strong, he found himself in the sport, becoming a successful fighter, and was remembered to fans under the pseudonym of "French angel". According to his contemporaries, despite the brutal appearance, the giant, Tie was a big softie. Well, just like a favorite green Ogre!

Hiram Bingham III — Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

Hiram Bingham III, an American archaeologist and politician. As the character George. Lucas, he taught history and political science at Princeton. Like Jones, Bingham was an expert on South America, and in 1911 went down in history himself, re-opening sacred city of the Incas — Machu Picchu. Of course, the creation of the image of Jones Directors inspired other scientists, but it is the intersection of the biography of Bingham is most apparent.

John Nettleship — Severus Snape Harry Potter

As she says the writer, the inspiration to create an image of the Professor of potions she was under the impression from the methods and manners of a chemistry teacher John Nettleship. In recognition of Rowling, Nettleship was short-tempered and demanding teacher, so it was not like the disciples. That all changed with the advent of Snape: when reporters found out who was his prototype, Nettleship famous.

Keith Richards — captain Jack Sparrow pirates of the Caribbean

Playing the famous role in the movie series "pirates of the Caribbean", Depp tried to imitate the gait, gestures and manners of Keith Richards, the famous guitarist of The Rolling Stones. From the same other traits — love for fenechka, bandanas and rings. Don't believe? In the third part of the franchise at the request of Depp Richards played the father of Jack Sparrow (captain Teague). Hence the phenomenal similarity of father and son on screen.

Jeff Dowd — Jeffrey "Dude" Lebowski, The Big Lebowski

"Dude" was literally copied from Jeff Dowd, the independent film promoter, with whom the Coen brothers met while searching for a distributor for the film "blood Simple". Dowd likewise was a pacifist, was a member of the "Seattle seven", loved the cocktail "White Russian" and in his circle was called "Dude."

Albert Einstein — doctor "Doc" brown Back to the future

A brilliant but quirky scientist with disheveled gray hair. You are talking about? Options at least two. Only one of them is a real scientist albert Einstein, and the second on the screen was played by Christopher Lloyd. The image of "Doc" — almost an exact copy of the Nobel prize. In addition, the influence on the image provided by the famous conductor Leopold Stokowski.

Of Gozo Shioda — Yoda Star wars

According to one version, the prototype Yoda was a Japanese master of martial arts. So, many point out, the Gozo Shioda — one of the main adherents of Aikido of XX century, founder of the Yoshinkan style. As Yoda, he was low, which did not prevent him to master a martial art. Also, like Yoda, he was a born teacher, trained many recognized masters of Aikido. In addition, the prototypes also mention Takeda Sokaku and Morihei Uesibu.

Joaquin Murieta, Zorro The Mask Of Zorro

The story of the legendary outlaw is based on real events that took place in California during the gold rush. According to legend, Murieta turned from an honest miner in bandit. Versions of reincarnation differ, but legend claims that Murieta defended the honor of his wife and fought against American rule in California. Over time, through literature, the name Murieta became a synonym for righteous struggle, and the image evolved into a knight in a cloak and black mask, who is known as Zorro.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri — Viktor Navorski The Terminal

The plot of "Terminal" is a true story that happened in 1988 with the Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasseri. 18 years (until 2006) he lived in a Paris airport because all his documents were stolen. Before the history of Edward Snowden Nasseri was perhaps the most famous resident of the airports in the world.

Joseph Bell, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock

Holmes have a lot in common with a Professor at the University of Edinburgh Joseph bell, whom Conan Doyle worked as an assistant. Bell was tall, thin, brusque and Smoking a pipe. The writer is not just thinking about his inquisitive mind and an amazing intuition. In particular, he was able to pinpoint a profession and the nature of his patients and always advised his students to use the eyes, hearing, sense of smell in the same way as the brain.

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