The tale of the fire

Once,long ago, a man by the name of Nur intently and persistently pondered the secrets of nature and discovered the secret of making fire. He decided to share his discovery and travel from community to community, passing on the secret to many groups of people.

Some have used this knowledge, others, not giving himself time to think how useful it could be for them, only thing I know is that Nur is dangerous for them and ran it. In the end, the people a tribe before which he demonstrated his art came in a panic and killed him, seeing him as the devil incarnate.

Centuries have passed.

In the first community, where Nur once taught the making of fire, this knowledge is preserved only in special priests who use power, wealth and warmth, while the rest of the people froze from the cold.

The other community had forgotten the art of Nura and began to worship the instruments of fire-making.

People the third, they worshipped the image of Nur as it was their Teacher.

In the fourth to preserve the history of fire in legends, some believed them, others do not.

Fifth — really used fire, and this allowed them to live in warmth, cook food, and produce various useful items.

And now, after many years, a sage with a small group of students traveled through the lands of these tribes. The disciples were amazed at the variety of rituals which they encountered here.

But all these steps are only for making fire and nothing more — they said the Teacher. — It is our duty to give the people the truth.

Well, I agree, ' answered the Master, when we repeat our journey, with this new purpose, those of you who survive to the end, finds out what the real problems and how to solve them.

So the sage and his disciples reached the first tribe, where they received a warm welcome. The priests invited the travellers to the ceremony "creation of fire".

When the ceremony ended and the crowd excitedly experienced seen "a miracle", the master asked the disciples:

— Does not want anyone of you to reveal to this people the truth?

The first disciple said,

— In the name of truth I feel obliged to talk to these people.

— If you're going to do it on your own risk, begin, — the Teacher answered.

The disciple stepped forward, stood in front of the leader and the surrounding priests and said,

I can perform a miracle, which you refer to the particular manifestation of the deity. If I do this, can you recognize that many centuries are in error?

— Get him! — cried the priests.

This man was seized and taken away, and no one ever never saw him again.

Travelers drove off and after some time came to the second community, where they worship the instruments of fire-making. Another student volunteered to reason with these people.

With the permission of the master he said:

I want to talk with you like reasonable people. You worship not even of the thing itself, but only the means by which it can be produced. Thus, you cannot use this thing. I know the reality lying at the basis of your rite.

This community consisted of people more intelligent, but they said to the disciple:

Since you are our guest, we are honored you hospitality. But as a newcomer who is not familiar with our history and customs, you can't understand what we do. You are mistaken, perhaps even trying to deprive us of our religion or to change it, so we don't even want to listen to you.

The travelers moved on. Reaching land the third community, they saw before each house of the idol representing Nour, the discoverer of fire.

The third disciple addressed to the head of the community:

This image depicts a man personifying the possibility that a person is able to use, isn't it?

— Maybe so, ' replied the fans Nura, but to penetrate this secret given only to a few.

— Only the few who understand, not those who refuse to look at certain facts, ' said the third disciple.

All of this heresy, which expresses the person, not even properly speaking our language and not belonging to the priests, devoted to our faith, ' murmured the priests.

And this student failed to achieve success.

The group continued their journey and came to the territory of the fourth community. This time in front of the congregation of the people was made by a fourth student.

He said:

Story about the creation of true fire. I know how to make fire.

In the crowd arose a confused and heard discordant opinions. Some of them said

Perhaps this is true, and if so, then we certainly want to know how to make fire.

But when the master and his followers experienced them, it turned out that most wanted to use fire for his own personal gain. They did not understand that fire is something necessary for human progress. The minds of the majority of the people of this tribe were so steeped in distorted legends that those who imagined themselves able to present the truth as such, are, as a rule, unstable people who would be unable to fire even if I showed them how it's done.

There were others who said: "of Course, in the legends there is nothing true. This man just wants to fool us to take in our community a high position".

The third party said, "Our legends should stay as they are because this is our heritage, connecting us together. If we reject them, and then discover that the new interpretation is useless, what then will become of our society?"

There were also other points of view.

So, the band went on and finally came to the territory of the fifth community, where fire was something ordinary and accessible. There the travellers met other tests.

The master said to his disciples:

You have to learn how to teach, for man does not want to be taught. First you will have to teach people how to learn. But before that you need to explain to them that there is something that you should learn. People think they already know everything, and always want to learn what they think needs to be studied, not something that should be studied first. And only when you understand all this, we can create a method of learning. Knowledge without special learning abilities is not the same as knowledge and ability.


Simion Athos: The poor man the one that loves most of the moneyPeople who can't say no, turn your life into a complete mess

It is known that Ahmed al-Badawi to the question, what is a barbarian, replied: "a Barbarian is one whose perceptions are so rough that it feels like through experience and reflection he is able to understand what can be understood only as a result of evolution and constant efforts on the path to God."

People laugh at Moses and Jesus because of his absolute immunity, and because concealed from themselves the true meaning of the words and actions of these great prophets.

Dervish according to sources, al-Bedawi was cursed for preaching Christianity to Muslims, but at the same time rejected by Christians because he refused to take the later Christian dogma.published


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