3 ways to remove rust from utensils

Rusty spots often spoil the surface of household items. How do you remove the rust?

Time, exposure to air and moisture, or contact with chemical substances spoils the appearance of things, and they lose their original appearance.

However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on chemical products to remove rust. Try to remove it using simple home remedies.


We all know that the best way to prevent rust, this daily cleaning of surfaces.

Take care of your pots or wash every day sink and, of course, they will always look like new.

However, we all have a favorite pot or pan that is a bit rusted at the base or on the handle, but we don't want to throw it.

If this is your case and you have a number of items that you want to restore, remember these tips. They will help you in the fight against rust.


1. Abrasive sponge and baking soda will help remove the rust


You will find these abrasive sponges in any supermarket, they are very useful in these cases. In order to ensure the effectiveness of rust removal, we use our "star product" — baking soda.

What you'll need

  • abrasive sponge

  • baking soda (amount depends on surface area)

What you need to do

  • To start with, heat some water, then to mix it in the bowl with soda. You should get a thick paste. The amount will depend on the square of the rusted surface.

  • Dip into this paste on a sponge and start gently rubbing the pan.

  • Please note that if you do it too intensively, you can ruin it.

  • RUB gently and then let stand for 5 minutes.

  • After this time, rinse the dishes with clean water.

The next step is very important. It guarantees that the pot or pan will keep a good condition until the next use.

  • You have to dry the dishes with a paper towel. Once this is done, apply on the surface a small amount of olive oil. This will create a protective layer.

The result will surprise you.


2. Coarse salt and lemon


This method is effective, fast and above all very economical. In addition to cookware, rust can be found in other places, for example in the kitchen sink.

In the course of use, due to hard water, the surface gradually loses its luster.

Usually rust builds up hard-to-reach areas such as around the faucet, or in the corners where the moisture usually remains.

To prevent this, use this simple recipe.

What you'll need

  • Coarse salt (quantity depends on surface area)

  • ½ Lemon

What you need to do

Take a lemon and cut it in half. Then put on a little coarse salt. Use the lemon as abrasive sponges.

  • After you remove food from your pan or other utensil, RUB them well with lemon. When you see that the salt has darkened, add some more.

  • Gradually you will see that the rust goes. Let stand dish about 5 minutes and rinse with salt water.

  • And finally, finish the cleaning process as well as in the previous case: dry the surface with a paper towel and RUB with olive oil.

  • In the case of washing, just wipe it with a paper towel. She will Shine like new.


3. Recovered rusty from time Cutlery


It is possible that you have in the family are "family" kitchenware, but they are rusted and you want to restore them.

Is it possible to remove the rust from them? Of course. Next, we will explain how.

What you'll need

  • Aluminum foil

  • The juice of one lemon

  • White vinegar

What you need to do

  • The first thing we'll do is remove the maximum amount of rust.

  • To do this, cut the foil into strips with a width of 3 cm. Roll them in small balls and dip in lemon juice.

  • Then begin to scrub their dishes or other surface.

  • After we withdrew most of the rust, proceed to the second stage. Place the object into container with white vinegar, so it was completely covered.

  • Leave it there for the night. The next day, use the recipe with baking soda and an abrasive pad to completely remove any rust.


Leaving home, you left the coin in the freezer! Now you will do the same...

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If the rust is too much, and our advice does not help, then no choice but to use strong chemical and abrasive products, for example, hydrochloric acid.

In conclusion, remember that the best way to deal with rust is to prevent its occurrence.published


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